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Scene 1 (0s)

Syringes. Channel Map in VietNam. JBMedical | Impulsando Bolivia.

Scene 2 (43s)

Demand from the customer. Raw material. Component factory in VietNam.

Scene 3 (1m 45s)

Majo r issues/challenges : Pandemic: This leads to the increase in patients and not having enough workers to produce and transport products because workers were out sick or were not showing up to work. Moreover, Export bans put in place by countries where protective garments, medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals were manufactured, which limited supply to importing countries . Hidden cost: Most providers have historically just looked at the product cost and the shipping cost. But there are additional expenses, such as inventory holding and distributing inventory. Unavailable products : In Nipro Vietnam, there are some products that they cannot manufacture. For example, like medicine. In Vietnam, Nipro only focus on 2 main segments: Manufacture of Medical Supplies and Devices so that its is difficult for customer to buy Nipro’s medicine and the cost of the medicine will increase due to the fact that the company has to import the product..