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oa-?.m 40s. Horizonites.com. NHS NEWSLETTER. NHS-20/2021-2022/2.

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2. inde. Independence Day. 75th Independence Day was celebrated virtually by New Horizon School on 15th August 2021. The programme was organized by Sir Syed House. Ms. Ghazala Amin, the famous Prime Time Hindi News Anchor on Doordarshan and presently CEO of Gizbo Pvt. Ltd. graced the occasion as the Chief Guest of the programme . The programme showcased Flag Hoisting followed by National Anthem, News-letter release, Patriotic song and poem, Patriotic Dance and short play on vaccination. The students participated enthusiastically in various activities which were showcased during the programme . Live judgement of Video Blog was done by Honorable Manager Sir. The programme was appreciated by the Honorable Chief Guest and all the attendees ..

Scene 3 (2m 45s)

3. Horizonites.com. 23. Ambedkar House on the occasion of Children’s D ay organised a special program for the entire school on 14th November, 2021 to celebrate the essence of childhood. The program commenced with the invocation of the almighty. It was followed by a series of entertaining events such as poster making, dance presentation, Dumb charades, song by NHS teachers, Jam session and virtual tour of the school. The program was especially organised for fun and entertainment of the students. The main highlight was the presence of the school management committee. Our dear principal ma’am motivated and encouraged the students to the path of success..

Scene 4 (4m 10s)

4. NHS celebrated the birth anniversary of the promising poet Allama Iqbal as Urdu Day on 9th of November. Students were requested to watch the video made on Allama Iqbal . The video contained activities done by Horizonites on Allama Iqbal’s life and works. They also participated in collage making, speeches, couplet reading, Nazm and Ghazal Sarai etc. The whole programme was oriented towards making our students realise the importance of Allama Iqbal . Birth Anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan is called Sir Syed Day. Urdu department celebrated it virtually through a special video, requested students to watch the video and know about his struggle in promoting modern education system and his services which he rendered for the Indian Community. He was one of those early pioneers who recognized the critical role of education in the empowerment of the poor and backward Muslim community. Sir Syed was one of the greatest social reformers and a great national builder of modern India..

Scene 5 (5m 19s)

Horizonites.com. abstract. English. ACTIVITIES IN PRIMARY CLASSES Students were encouraged to take interest in AIL. The assignments and project were given to them so that they can learn the topics by exploring different art forms. Students of class 1 and 2 presented different stories and Grammar topics creatively by making puppets and collage..

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Horizonites.com. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Horizonites.com. English Department Participants of MTNL HEALTH Mela Debate Seniors Yusuf Iqbal – 11B Saira Bano - 11 B Debate Middle Taleya - 8 B Nida Fatima - 8 B Poem Senior Alina Ahmed - 10 B Azra Abdul Ahad-10 B Slogan Writing Seniors Zikra Zahid - 10 B Rida Zareen - 10 B Slogan Writing Middle Uzma Rehman - 7B Sabiha Basit - 7 B.

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Horizonites.com. abstract. Urdu. 8.

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Horizonites.com. 9. Allama iqbal urdu poetry pic | Allama iqbal quote.

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Horizonites.com. abstract. Hindi. 10. राष्ट्रीय गांधी संग्रहालय द्वारा आयोजित गांधी जी पर विशेष कार्यक्रम में कक्षा आठवीं , नौवीं व दसवीं के विद्यार्थियों की भागीदारी । कार्यक्रम में गांधी जी पर आधारित फिल्म चित्र प्रदर्शनी , वर्चुअल टूर व प्रश्न प्रतियोगिता आदि रखे गए ।.

Scene 11 (8m 18s)

Horizonites.com. abstract. Maths. 11. Maths Club Activity Coding and Decoding were taught in Maths Club meeting on 23 rd October, 2021. PPTs were made and quiz was conducted to check the understanding..

Scene 12 (9m 7s)

Horizonites.com. abstract. Science. 12. Byjus Olympiad was conducted for classes 3- 10 from 8 August to 12 August 2021 in which all the students participated enthusiastically. Result is awaited. All the participants were awarded with certificate of participation..

Scene 13 (10m 7s)

Horizonites.com. abstract. Social Sciences. 13. G.K and Social Science club meeting was held on 23 rd October, 2021. Information related with Environment was imparted. DIY with waste material was made by the students..

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Horizonites.com. f Poster Making Competition. 14.

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Horizonites.com. abstract. Computer. 16. In the month of August 2021, we were anticipating that the Delhi Govt., DOE and CBSE may decide something about re-opening of schools. That is exactly what happened, and the authorities made an announcement to re-open schools for classes 9th to 12th from 4th September 2021. Opening and closing of school was not Computer Department’s cup of cake but the preparation required to enable the whole school for conducting the classes in Offline + Online mode (which is called hybrid mode) smoothly was definitely our responsibility. And then, the action started. The whole IT team worked day and night to make sure that NHS must deliver high quality hybrid teaching and learning model to its students and teachers. With the most prominent role played by Mr. Jalal, we were able to achieve the difficult target. Computer Department organized different events for the classes 1 to 8, where a variety of activities were given to all the students from each class and section. The activities designed for the students are as follows :.

Scene 17 (12m 12s)

Horizonites.com. Our talented students participated in ‘ Trash to Treasure ’ Art competition organized by Kalka Public School in the month of August. They were awarded with certificates . PARTICIPANTS WITH THEIR CREATIVE ARTWORK Our students participated in a Painting Competition organized by the Department of Pain Medicine , Max Hospital during the Pain Awareness month. Over 220 entries were there from 3 different countries..

Scene 18 (12m 46s)

Horizonites.com. Ayesha Parveen’s (11 th B) painting was selected in Star Entries in the Painting Competition organized by Department of Pain Medicine, Max Hospital during the Pain Awareness month. It was also displayed at Max Hospital, Saket . Art Department organized 2 nd Virtual Talent Painting Competition for the students of primary and middle section. RESULT OF VIRTUAL TALENT FEST – 2021 (ART COMPETITION).

Scene 19 (13m 17s)

Horizonites.com. 2 ND VIRTUAL SINGING AND DANCE COMPETITION - 2021 2 ND Virtual Singing and Dance Competition was organized for class 3rd to 8th in the month of September, 2021. Children participated enthusiastically and showed their excellence in various forms of Dance and Singing. They performed on traditional and modern beats..

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Horizonites.com. 20. Description: IMG-20211106-WA0019.

Scene 21 (14m 26s)

Horizonites.com. Religious Teaching department conducted Qir’at , Hamd and Na’at activities on the occasion of the Jashn -e- Seerat -un- Nabi (SAW). Around 115 students participated in the activities. Religious Teaching department conducted “2nd Virtual Jashn -e- Seerart -un- Nabi (SAW)” programme on Monday, Nov. 08. 2021. Students participated enthusiastically in different activities..

Scene 22 (15m 29s)

Horizonites.com. LOGO MAKING COMPETITION NATIONAL SPORTS DAY 29 TH AUGUST 2021 National Sports Day was celebrated in our school virtually on 29 th August 2021. The programme was organised on Zoom. Hon ’ ble Mr. Vijay Dahiya was the Chief Guest of the programme . A great interest was observed among the students as many students joined the programme to enjoy the sports program. Many events were organised to celebrate the National Sports Day, such as Poster making, Logo making, Fitness programme , Role play and Yoga programme ..

Scene 23 (16m 13s)

Horizonites.com. 23. 1. 1. " Only as high as I reach can I grow , Only as far as I seek can I go , Only as deep as I look can I see , Only as much as I dream can I be“ The dream of every student is to reach higher and aim for great goals. We teach them to reach out far and seek further, we teach our students to introspect and look deeper, we teach them to dream and reach out for those dreams. Dear students transform dreams into reality, thoughts into ideas and ideas into action. We are pleased to bring another edition of Newsletter to mirror the thoughts, hidden talent and potential of our students as they participated in the various activities planned for them. We would like to extend our thanks to Dear Principal Ma’am, teachers and the students for their immense support and the inputs to make this enterprise a noteworthy experience. Through these pages we have presented the bubbling enthusiasm and the drive exhibited by our students. We acknowledge and appreciate all those who worked behind, and those who contributed their time and resources. Happy Reading !! Ruchi Jay Sharma Madina Bano.