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[Audio] Greetings all Welcom To this presentation entitled artificial intelligence in academic writing.

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[Audio] Prepared by: Habi linda and Aliouche mounia.

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Master 1 English student Barika university.

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Master 1 English student Barika university.

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Since there is no course and there should not be any course, without appropriate syllabus to guide it.

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Since there is no course and there should not be any course, without appropriate syllabus to guide it.

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[Audio] Writing is the most difficult and complex skill among the four language skills Further within the context of foreign languages writing is even more difficult, since it necessitates other lower-level language skills such as grammar and vocabulary.

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Since there is no course and there should not be any course, without appropriate syllabus to guide it.

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Different types. What is syllabus?.

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[Audio] In this vein Due to the unprecedented spreading of ubiquitous technology devices and the development of wireless communication and sensing technology.

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Different types. What is syllabus?. Crucial for any teacher.

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[Audio] the use of AI in writing has become a practical choice Ergo many researchers investigate and suggest the use of artificial intelligence technology devices as supporting tools to ameliorate the process of FL teaching/ learning, in general and to facilitate the process of academic writing in specific.

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AI in writing.

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[Audio] So lets start by the definition of artificial intelligence Popenici and Kerr 2017 defines AI as an umbrella term for an automated system capable of mimicking human intellectual processes like self-reflection learning and reasoning Similarly Russell and Norvig 2010 refers to it as the art of making technological devices that can think and act rationally or in a human-like way Others consider AI from a larger sense as science For an instant Stone et al 2016 said artificial intelligence AI is a science and a set of computational technologies that are inspired by but typically operate quite differently from the ways people use their nervous systems and bodies to sense learn reason and take action.

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[Audio] The use of AI in the Algerian EFL education context however remains unexplored. Hence, this presentation reveals how AI-based writing tools can assist teachers, learners and scholars to fulfil their academic writing tasks.

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[Audio] Always Be Prioritizing Don't fall victim to " check-list" marketing. That is, don't feel compelled to create a giant list of all the marketing activities you can possibly execute. Hold on to the focus you established with your Big Goal and Growth Plan. Pick the 3 most important aspects of your marketing plan that will drive 80% of your results. Position these as your big levers. You will not be derailed from making them a success..

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I-Reading/ Sources RESEARCHGATE Recombee ALCOLIA Reading recommendations ACADEMIA MENDELEY REFERENCE MANECERS i, GMAIL Writing a successful paper requires an active engagement with your sources Reach better resources according to their aim and needs, makes the user as a knowledge provider and an active searcher Change accordingly if the user start searching for another topic. MADE WITH beautiful.ai.

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2-Transform non-digital sources Time consuming and hard process A1 Speech-to-act tools The Dragon transcription, Dictation.io, Google Cloud A1-vision tools Envision A1 MADE WITH beautiful.ai.

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3-TransIation Reverso Consider the context and get away from literal translation Translate the collected notes, data, sources, or personal ideas to another language effectively MADE WITH beautiful.ai.

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4-Drafting/ writing Automatic-Article-Generator (AAG)/ A1 co-writer EssayBot (D textio ShortlyAI copymatic Essay ToolBox O HyperWrite A1-WRITER copy,ai QI scl NOTE MADE WITH beautiful.ai.

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4- A1 Co-Writer Just by entering some guidance words or context original high proficiency passages with Generate accurate languages and tones, in seconds one press these tools summaries all the previous and By upcoming writing steps MADE WITH beautiful.ai.

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4- Advanced A1 Automatic Articles Generators Advanced A1 writing technologies, now more than ever, can create writings identical to those of human (HALL, 2022) S ringel SciDetectTM detected more than 120 Al- created phony articles published through Springer and IEEE, in which the latter have to remove them latter TIEN AND I-ABBÉ (2015) CREATIVE Created and published 1.5 billion news writings in which readers could not distinct from other human writings MADE WITH beautiful.ai.

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Accordi acade isconduct d-Elaal, Gamage-and Mills (2019) "using the e tools is serious research misconduct as it does not reflect th author's genuine ork. As these Alt Ols beat the Fystems that detec academic and research misconduct such a plagiarism (p.l) MADE WITH beautiful.ai.

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5- Paraphrasing/ summarizing To rich advanced level in academic writing, and illustrate evidences from previous literature A1 tools QuillBot rase NOOJ In Progress Assist writer to understand and deliver his or others' ideas easily In a coherent and cohesion manner respecting both grammar and content Identifying essential points in writing, contrasting and comparing sources and more Completed Using equations, synonyms and changing the order of words in Remove superfluous words and identify the correct synonyms for the concerned context Rich vocabulary and grammar gaining by observing the before and after versions. MADE WITH beautiful.ai.

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but further, provides correcting suggestions Not only detect errors after giving users chance to correct themselves, which enhance their critical thinking by the necessity to review results Hence, users are more inclined to avoid doing same mistakes again in the future. grammatical and vocabulary skills, thus, academic writing Promote performance. (Fitria, 2021a; Chufron & Rosyida, 2018; Karyuatry, 2018; Koltovskaia, 2020; O'Neill & Russell, 2019; J. Zhang et al., 2020). Can be of a hight importance for teachers to their students effectively and easily assess MADE WITH beautiful.ai.

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A1-writing tools for people with especial needs Dyslexia (Wu et al., 2019) * The "Fluent" apps for people who stutter (PWS) (Ghai & Mueller, 2021) * Visual impairment (Hanakoviö & Nagy, 2006; Waqar et al., 2019) * Sign Language Users (Ivanova & Eriksen, 2012) In this vien, Evmenova et al. (2010) proved the efficiency of some A1 writing systems (Co:Writer, WordQ and WriteAssist) for learners with learning disabilities to help them generate accurate papers and reduce spelling mistakes in a joyful manner. MADE WITH beautiful.ai.

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1 2 3 4 5 6 personalization Autonomy Motivation Self-efficiency: making writers more active feeling that they are able to do the work Appreciation for writing, Interest to read, search and produce more Perceive searching, reading and writing as an enjoyable, easy task. MADE WITH beautiful.ai.

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* The windso hang ave to blow over the way academic writingis-taught, lea ed and done. * The adoption ofa moder ization olicy using inevitable smart technolog co time and procedure to kee facilitate the academic writing process MADE WITH beautiful.ai.

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