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Scene 1 (0s)


T he Class Form 1.3 Presents The ir Mother’s Day Video. Made By Suren Singh 1.3

Scene 2 (6s)


Craft By Vidalya Ramona Sookdeo

I chose this because it is something our mothers can keep with them for a while.

Scene 3 (16s)

Mothers Day Card By Ethan Khan

It has happy mothers day on it and I drew a picture of flowers on it.

Scene 4 (27s)

Craft By Avinash Gangadeen

This is a tea cup made with a toilet paper roll,covered in bristol board and it has a tea bag with my mom's name in it

Scene 5 (41s)

Drawing By Traci Liddelow

Beautiful Mom

Scene 6 (51s)

Pop Up Card By Amelia Piralal

I did this because I never did anything special for my mom before cuz I always thought it was boring,also I realized that it would be something meaningful to my mom.Although it didnt came out the way it supposed to???

Scene 7 (1m 7s)

A Mother’s Devotion. When I am completely lost and confused. You’re always there to remove the blues. Sometimes I don’t know how you do it. It’s like you have a curing spirit. You are the pivot of my life. When you’re around there would never have a strife. My world wouldn’t be itself if it wasn’t for you. You’ve been there for me before I could chew. What would I ever do without you? With your tender care that I can bear. Your miraculous beauty that’s your best quality. There isn’t anything bad about you. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be who I am today. You never let me go astray. One day I’ll do the same for you. Cook, clean and motivate to. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY

Poem By Ava Ramdhan

My poem is about how wonderful mother's can be and why we MUST cherish them

Scene 8 (1m 57s)

M- is for the million things she gave to me. O- means that she only growing old T-is for the tears she shed to me H-is for her heart of purest gold E- is for her eyes, with love light shinning R- means right and right she always be   Put them all together they spell “mother” , a word that means world to me.

Poem By Reanna Mahabir

Scene 9 (2m 26s)

Happy Mothers Day Dear Mother yo u work so hard to provide For me. I will use all the gifts and blessings provided for me to have the best future for me “ T hank you for all your Love and Support” Love You.

Poem By Jabari Peters

I wrote a poem to show part of my love and care for my mother's hard work?

Scene 10 (2m 48s)

You are the best, You’re amazing, it’s true, Thank you for everything Happy Mother’s D ay to you !

Poem By Ryan Ali

Poem for mother's day made by me

Scene 11 (2m 59s)

MOTHER A great inspiration, A lovely creation. You changed hatred to love, Sorrow to joy. You're my hero in my storybook. You fight away the fears, Wipe away my tears. You're the one that cares. Mom, You're an amazing mother, An inspiration to a daughter. So gentle but so strong. You make me feel worth something, An inspiration from something to nothing. You're a queen, A master at every task. I love you more than you'll ever know, You taught me to reap what I sow.

Poem By Moriscia Jairam

Scene 12 (3m 40s)

You're there for me when I need you, Care for me when you need to, Punish me when I screw up, Catch me when I fall And taught me to stand. Through the hardship and sorrows, You're my light that shines. In the tunnel of tomorrow, You're the hope I hold in my heart. When you fell, With shaking knees you rose. A warrior of power, Of good you represents. I love you. And one day, I hope to be an inspiration like you too

Scene 13 (4m 19s)

To Ms Henry From The 1.3 Form Class

Roses are red, violets are blue. Happy Mother's Day Miss! We Love You?