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[Audio] MOON TECHNOLABS Empowering businesses with impeccable WebRTC, IoT, AR/ VR, Blockchain and other IT solutions..

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[Audio] Our resourceful expert team of developers and designers adheres to each and every project timeline and maintains the 100% on time deliverance ratio. The design and development team is available round the clock to our client's business needs. We take our client's idea into account to turn it into reality. Moreover, the state-of-the-art infrastructure facility is equipped with various technological advancements to streamline your business/ project app to achieve the higher return on investment ( ROI). Moon Technolabs is a front-runner in the field of Mobile App & Web Development Services! We began our journey in 2009 with iPhone app development services and then ventured into Android, Blackberry, Windows and Web app design and development. Since we did work our way up, we can easily co-relate with our client's requests and are able to provide cutting-edge personalized solutions as per their business requirements. We never compromise on quality and/or service and hence, Moon Technolabs has become a trusted choice for several customers from varied industry. Our operations grew wider with projects from International clients which allowed us to have our International Office in the U.S.A. Expanding our feet in services like Web Development, Mobile App, Wearable App, Design and Digital Marketing, we offer result-oriented and cost-effective solutions. COMPANY INTRODUCTION Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. -

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[Audio] Company Benchmark ESTABLISHED Foundation laid by Mr. Jayanti Katariya, our techie CEO. INTRODUCED Full fledge services for Mobile, Web, Desktop Apps Design & Development. ACHIEVED 8th GESIA Award in 2015 Diamond Award for Best Mobile Development Company. EXPANDED WORKPLACE Enhanced Work area to fulfill batter workspace to the 200+ techies. 2022 AWARD Business Excellence Award In 2022: For WebRTC-Based Product Development 2020 2016 2015 2011 2009 RECOGNITION Silicon India Award For "Best Startups in Mobile Apps Design & Development". Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. -

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[Audio] Our Vision, Mission & Values GROWTH & EXCELLENCE Powering The Business Growth With Mobile Solutions. REPUTATION Merging Reputation With Innovation To Enhance Human-Tech Evolution. PERSEVERANCE Perseverance Is The Key To Become Trusted Leader In Computing. Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. -

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[Audio] Our Landmark 750+ Clients Have Trusted Us With Their Projects 13+ Years Of Experience Shows Our Sheer Presence In The Software Industry 250+ Staff Our Resourceful Workforce Motto - For The Employee, By The Employee, To The Employee 1400+ Projects You Name It, We Do It. And So Far We Have Proved It That We Can. Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. -

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[Audio] Business Model Based on project requirement, we help you in optimising the best business model from to meet your business-centric needs. 01 TIME & MATERIAL Suitable for busy business owners, you will be able to hire dedicated resources on hourly/daily/weekly/ mo nthly basis and leverage from their technical expertise. 03 With this model you get to choose the designer or developer from a pool of talented resources and make your own team that suits you best. 02 FIXED PRICE This fixed price engagement model is suitable for small & medium business owners who have clearly defined the range, budget and deadlines for their project. 04 Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. - OPTIMISING MODEL NEED HIRE DEDICATED DEV.

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[Audio] Business Process DISCOVER We captivate and research all the essential details and requirements of your project application and pinpointing our implication in your business requisites. DESIGN Binding together our data and research analysis leads in building the best application, that satisfies your objectives and goals combining with you user's needs. BUILD Merging traditional industry-standard technologies with forthcoming tech-trends allows us to deliver product and services that lasts. IMPLEMENT Once applications are developed, they require rigorous upgrades check and continuous maintenance with iteration. We do this in hassle-free fashion. Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. -

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[Audio] Firangi Jobbers Magnima GD Entry Our Portfolio Moon Invoice Sim Gym Dispatch one Port Eye Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. - TrueFire EnjoyBenefits.

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[Audio] KVM Tools Reliyo Prixpo SSH Client Moon Dialer Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. - Foodaloo Spend Bitcoints ChowDwn Zero Eyes Indigo.

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[Audio] Company Growth 2015- 2018 2019- 2022 750+ 256 2011- 2014 105 We are proud to present you with a proportionate increase in growth ratio of our Clients over the shown period. Client Growth Ratio 250+ 2014- 2016 52 2011- 2013 26 We are proud to present you with a proportionate increase in the growth ratio of our employees over the shown period. Employees Growth Ratio Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. - 2017-2022.

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[Audio] Our Services Wearable App Our developer team is apt in designing, building and executing the wearable technology for Apple Watch App, Android Wear Apps and Tizen Apps. Native Desktop Going beyond the standard industry solution for ' Business Analysis', ' Desktop Software Architecture' and ' UI Design' allows us to deliver business solutions with at par excellence. Mobile App May it be iOS, Android or Windows App Development, Our product is top-notch in functionality, performance and operation. Design Our designing expertise is impeccable and ranging from UI/ UX, Web Designing to Corporate Branding that will give immense push to acquire your target sales in your business. Web Development Let that be Web Engineering, Web Design or Web Integrated Source Control, our high-end coding practice to make your application will flourish your business. Digital Marketing It could purely be quantifying the 'Digital Data' or leveraging your business through ' Marketing Strategy' or implementing cutting-edge ' Digital Technology', we have achieved the excellence in all aspects. Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. -

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[Audio] Awards Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. - GESIA Award Best Mobile App Development Company. This prestigious accolade makes us feel proud and confident about our work, service, ethics and moreover, satisfaction to our clients. Silicon Indian Award Best Startups in Mobile Apps Design & Development. This accolade from Silicon India Magazine and gave us the impetus and drive to push ourselves more and strive for greater heights..

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[Audio] Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. - Business Excellence Award In 2022 WebRTC-Based Product Development we have added one more feather to the cap. Moon Technolabs secures the Business Excellence award in WebRTC development by the Knowledge Chamber Of Commerce And Industry..

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[Audio] Testimonials Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. - Justin Gant Founder & CEO United States Moon Technolabs is a pioneer in the WebRTC based project as they have fxed complicated segments of the module by fulflling diferent product lines by providing 24X7 customer support. We really recommended Moon Technolabs as they are able to develop products as per the module deadline and project timeline. Yousef A Challenger BH, Founder Jordan ( Middle East) Moon Technolabs provides the best mobile app development solutions and as a team, they are amazing to fulfl my requirements of sports mobile application. I recommend all the time Moon Technolabs. Thanks! Dr. Sumeet Thareja Indigo Dermatology, Founder Jordan (Middle East) The developer team at Moon Technolabs is really excellent and provides me a great solutions as per my requirements. Thanks Moon Technolabs! Moon Technolabs is the best company that provides advanced apps and websites development services in the USA and Europe. I am a newbie to develop my app with an external team. I am really happy to work with them as I am not that much mobile apps user. Here, the team and specially the CEO of Moon Technolabs helps me to let me know about the benefts of my app to generate revenue. Thanks, Moon Technolabs as I like their components as Trust, Commitment, Quality, and Price. Jay Martin Founder & CEO United States.

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[Audio] CONTACT US Moon Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. - QUICK INQUIRE @ Skype: moontechnolabs CALL US USA : +1 620- 330- 9814 EMAIL US India Office C/ 104- 105A, GaneshMeridian, Sola, Ahmedabad- 380060, Gujarat. India USA Office Chicago 500 N Michigan Avenue, # 600 Chicago IL 60611 New York 150 W. 25th Street, STE 403, New York City, NYC 10001.