Members: Carlos García Anghela Chamba Teacher: Mgs.Gina Camacho Date: June 06, 2021 Course: Fourth level

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Members : Carlos García Anghela Chamba Teacher: Mgs.Gina Camacho Date: June 06 , 2021 Course: Fourth level

Giving feedback in the four English language skills.

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Listening skills feedback

In order to give good feedback to the student on listening skills, the teacher should insist on provide audios with good pronunciation and if the teacher explains verbally, it should also be loud and clear. Here are some ways to give feedback: Listen “ out loud ” by : Offering verbal cues - Relevant questions . - Paraphrasing statments . - Reflections . - Affirmations . Offering non – verbal cues - Smiles and frowns . - Hand and body gestures . - Eye contact / movements .

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Speaking Skills Feedback

To give the student feedback on speaking skills, the following is considered: Having all students take part in the discussion. Having the teacher listen to student´s opinions about the subject. Put more explanation about the topic. Make the lesson more active. Explain difficult words. Having more Speaking and debate classes to improve speaking and conversation skills.

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Reading skills feedback

To give feedback on reading skills, the teacher must be precise in what students need to improve. These are some of the recommendations that should be followed: Make all students participate in reading the topic in class. Having the students read different paragraphs and underline the most important for a better understanding. Send reading assignments for students to improve their reading skills (the next day the student must show that he or she read the paragraph by having a better pronunciation of each word). Make a reading contest within the class in order to measure the abilities of each student.

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Writing Skills Feedback

To give feedback on writing skills, the following aspects should be considered. Continuously correct the grammar mistakes of the students, this in order that they practice more writing in what they made mistakes. Having students constantly repeat misspelled words. Send students homework such as paragraphs or summaries, this in order to increase their vocabulary. Helping the student to follow all the forms and rules of proper writing to the letter.

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