Metabolic Control of Feed Intake

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Scene 1 (0s)

Metabolic Control of Feed Intake. The basic of animal nutrition.

Scene 2 (7s)

Interacting factors affecting feed intake. Diet Management Environment Reproductive performance Physiological state.

Scene 3 (15s)

Control of feeding behavior. Brain feeding center in the brain Receiving signal from liver and gut Metabolites and hormones.

Scene 4 (25s)

Feed intake. Size and frequency of meals Meal size Function of eating rate and meal length Length of meal is determined satiety Meal frequency – determined by hunger Management control Diet, social interactions, and stress.

Scene 5 (37s)

Physical regulation. Filling effect in the stomach.

Scene 6 (44s)

Endocrine regulation. Ghrelin – hunger hormone secretes by the stomach.

Scene 7 (52s)

Metabolic regulation. Metabolites derived from diet and mobilized from body reserves.