Discovery Marketing: Introducing Reputation Management

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Discovery Marketing: Introducing Reputation Management

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What We Do

Meet Our Team

Notable Coverage

The Media L andscape

Reputation Management Model

Reputation Management Process

Us In Numbers

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Reputation Management Principles

What We Do

We create, and take advantage of, opportunities to project a positive image of Discovery






The role of Reputation Management Team is to positively influence Discovery’s reputation and sustain brand equity by managing relationships with media and stakeholders, shape consumer perceptions through content marketing and encourage positive conversations online and in other forums

We deliver on our promises to enhance the credibility of the brand

We communicate honestly, clearly and transparently to build confidence

We understand and respect how media operate

​ Excellence at every touch point

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Reputation Management Model


Media engagement

Social Media

Content Marketing

Creates awareness of the DSY brand among new audiences Establishes strong, positive association with DSY brand for current DSY clients Educates, informs, encourages behaviour action Enhances and protects brand reputation

Manages proactive and reactive strategies to shape perceptions of the business Prepares and defends against crises

Engages and builds social capital with communities

Delivers excellent content to positively position the brand

Coordinated functions

Protect the Group’s reputation and deliver content objectives

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Reputation M anagement P rocesses


Build and deepen relationships with media and influencers Prepare well and deliver proactively Be responsive and effectively manage queries Be opportunistic Execute integrated communication campaigns to reach desired audiences with targeted messaging Establish strong relationships to encourage balanced, informed reporting and commentary to support a consensus view that holds the business in high regard and affords Discovery the benefit of the doubt in a time of crisis Seek and maintain the lead as the sought after expert in our chosen areas of business and continue to build integrity and credibility for the brand through fast and informative responses to media Scan the environment and act quickly to be present in relevant industry related and other conversations Equip spokespeople and ambassadors to protect the brand

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Meet Our Team

Felicity Hudson: Head of Media Relations


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Meet Our Team

Nthabiseng Chapeshamano: Senior Reputation Manager (Health | CSI)


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Meet O ur Team

Munene Khoza: Senior Reputation Manager (Vitality)

MA in Language and Linguistics and a BA (Hons) in English and Film & Media Joined Discovery in June 2020 10+ years extensive experience in providing strategic communications and project management counsel, both agency and corporate Ran own language consultancy, MINT, for 3+ years Favourite things: My family, my pugs, travel, jazz and memes

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The most famous internet memes of all time

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Meet O ur Team

Zeenat Moorad: Senior Reputation Manager (Bank | Invest | Employee Benefits)

Joined Discovery in May 2019 10+ years as a globe-trotting financial journalist, editor and columnist at Business Day and Financial Mail Award-winning coverage includes cover stories on Walmart’s acquisition of Massmart, Coca-Cola’s expansion in Africa, Stuttaford’s bankruptcy, Woolworths’ David Jones deal and the Edcon /Bain debt saga What Zeenat loves: Interior design, architecture and a ll things food – cooking, baking and of course, eating!


FinancialMail on Twitter: "Wtf? Why Woolworths is getting whipped. Read it in the new @FinancialMail out tomorrow. Click here to subscribe…"


See Zaha Hadid's Most Famous Buildings | Time

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Meet Our Team

Shanti Aboobaker: Reputation Manager (Insure | Life)

Shanti has a social science degree in history in sociology. In 2011 she embarked on a career in journalism, falling in love with the politics beat after a stint at Parliament. She remained at the Independent Parliamentary bureau until 2013 when she joined the Sunday Independent, followed by a stint writing on labour Her professional photo hasn’t been taken yet, but she offers this as a quirky replacement

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Meet Our Team

Gugu Yika: Reputation Consultant (Sponsorships | Vitality |Bank)

Joined Discovery in October 2017 as a graduate Has worked in Health Marketing and S&D Moved to the Reputation Management Team in 2019 Passionate about looking good and smelling amazing - has a niche perfume/cologne collection

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Meet Our Team

Karishma Jivan: Reputation Consultant (Health; CSI)

Holds Bachelor of Science (Anatomy & Physiology) and MBA 7 years of work experience - agency background Multi-sector experience including health, financial services, automotive, real estate and ICT Specialises in media relations, strategic communication, project management, and reputation management Believes in hope

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Mental Health Campaign

Notable Coverage: Vitality

World Hypertension Day, VHCs & Vaccinations

Miss SA Shudu Musida steps up welRking drive by virtual run o..

Miss SA runs for uvllness and mental health nun Zl_uo Nil this The div.

Efforts began with our announcement of the mental wellbeing module Around the same time, the issue of mental wellbeing was featured prominently in the news cycle, and providing opportunity A big win came as a result of Vitality’s partnership with Miss SA on mental wellbeing awareness, in particular her 5K fundraising g run with members of Team Vitality Dr Seranne Motilal had an op-ed featured in the Daily Maverick and a feature in the Saturday Star on the same

Our focus on h hypertension on and around World Hypertension Day (17 March) was amplified by the messaging around screening We had successful broadcast interviews where Dr Mosima Mabunda and Terry Harris spoke about the importance of screening, disease management, exercise and the correct diet Dr Mabunda also had op-eds featured in Daily Maverick talking about VHCs and similarly, BusinessDay talking to the importance of being vaccinated

Today's Topic: Hypertension 011 714 RR61

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Discovery Bank

Notable Coverage: Bank and Invest

Discovery Invest

Earlier this year the Bank launched its Shared-value banking campaign The PR plan encompassed a paid, earned and owned strategy across big real estate media CEO Hylton Kallner has successfully on boarded two senior editors during media interviews! The launch of Apple Pay generated great buzz and positioned the Bank as an slick, tech innovator

High levels of news interest for Discovery Invest’s offshore launch with Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) and Blackrock CEO Kenny Rabson featured on 702, Classic FM, MoneyWeb NOW and Biznews and platforms like Fin24, FA News and Citywire covered the announcement A long form article titled Discovery Invest Story, which was published in Personal Finance magazine garnered significant interest from stakeholders

Discovery Invest thinks big

The Discovery Invest story shyiöts.criiis;

Fast Company South Africa | The future of business

Discovery Bank •nudging' in the right direction?

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Notable Coverage: Health




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Discovery Insure

Notable Coverage: Insure and Life

Discovery Life

Front page main story when Discovery Insure launched the Avis Safe Drive in the Netherlands Successful PR drive with recent launch of Pothole Patrol, garnering over R18 million in PR value for the month of May, and slots on primetime 702, eNCA and the SABC


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Breakfast with Bongani Bingwa Insurers help City of Joburg with Potholes oo:oo / 05:09


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The good news: Some digital platforms and niche outlets have established sustainable businesses (e.g. News24, Daily Maverick, Ground Up, amaBunghane, TechCentral, Moneyweb, MyBroadband) The bad news: Trust in media at an all time low and they are seen as biased (2021 Edelman Trust Barometer) and the outlook for print is grim, with circulation dropping on average 20% from 2016-2018. Even though consolidation will save money and improve efficiency, this alone will not improve the financial standing of print.

Media houses have been through long period of consolidation

Radio audiences remain high and stable

Journalists are overwhelmed, stressed about losing their jobs

Loss of senior journalists means little subject matter expertise

Newspaper circulation steeply declined

Arena Holdings : Sunday World

Caxton : Bona, Country Life, Essentials, Food & Home, Garden & Home, People, Rooi Rose, Vrouekeur, Woman & Home, Your Family.

AMP : Cosmopolitan, House & Leisure, Good Housekeeping Women on Wheels.

Media24 : Move!, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Bicycling, Runner’s World2

Many publications, especially lifestyle ones important to Vitality, have been impacted by COVID-19. Discontinued :

The changing landscape of South African Media

Categories Interests Age Duration Frequency Device TOP 2 News Business Top 2 interests Tech & Computing Events & 531.152819 61240,898 340,714.060 UBS 43336,739 12.808,213 UBs 41 ,553, 1 gg 3446% 10.19% 8.15% 6.87% 28.70% of the total market is aged 20 - 24 57.94% of all browsers are 20 - 35 Average visit duration: 3 min 45 Sec (t 3.69%) 16.44 page views per unique browser (t 14.80%) 81.66% of traffic is from mobile phones (J -1.56%)

Source: IAB Narrative Report, May 2021

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64 Number of press releases issued in 2020/2021

Us In Numbers


No of Covid-19 media queries Mar – Dec 2020


Number of PR strats submitted 2020/2021