Manual Robot (Robot at home)

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Scene 1 (0s)

Manual Robot (Robot at home)

Noise Detector Robot

Scene 2 (7s)


Unsafe environment especially at night There are some people who want to get inside the house and plan to get things. Family is out of vacation and no one is left at home.

Scene 3 (20s)


1.Put a Noise D etector Robot outside the house, hang it on the door. If stranger is planning bad to you and your house , Noise detector robot will make noise and it will not stop until the stranger will leave the place.

Scene 4 (35s)


It functions if the human manually turned on the power. Once it is turned on the Noise detector robot will automatically make noise if it finds or discovered that there is someone strange thing or human outside. It turned off automatically if it is already daytime. The special thing about this is to make us safe everytime this noise detector is turned on. It is also used for daytime if the green color button is pressed since there are only two buttons the red and green. The green is for the daytime and red for the night time. It has also a camera built in the Noise detector robot. It has a loud speaker that 1 kilomter from the area could hear.

Scene 5 (1m 6s)

The Noise detector robot is very helpful especially that there many crimes are happening around us, even in our own homes. The Noise detector robot will help lessen crimes and make a safe environment if this is hang on the wall outside the house.