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Plymouth Options. Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT).

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We are a free confidential, NHS talking therapy service for people (aged 16+) in Plymouth. Plymouth Options is part of IAPT, helping you to feel better and giving you the tools and techniques to improve your mental and physical well-being..

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Referrals. If you are registered with a Plymouth GP and 16 or over you can make a self-referral or talk to your GP. We offer a range of services based on CBT to people experiencing common mental health problems such as managing anxiety, low mood, stress, phobias and so on. Self refer at 01752 435419.

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Cognitive behavioural therapy. Emotions Situation Thoughts Behaviour Physical.

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Feedback from clients. Good advice for managing anxiety. Group leaders explained things well, were kind and put no pressure on us to talk, felt comfortable, even with sensitive information.

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Feedback from clients. 66 My experience has been positive. Working at my own pace. I could fit it around life. The feedback catch ups ensured I worked. consistently, making accountable progress. 99.

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Feedback from clients. My therapist was kind, empathic and non-judgemental. She helped me to navigate and understand my feelings. She shared tools to use in the future..

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