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Budapest / Debrecen

Lupus Consulting

2021 április 7.-8.

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Lupus Consulting is a global SAP consulting firm. The company was established in 2002 to provide complex deployment and meet complex requirements in the field of SAP implementation and outsourcing services, delivering solutions that maximize our clients’ benefit. Increasing demand of integrated B2B solutions triggered the growth of additional non-SAP delivery capabilities focusing on services for digital transformation and an AppFactory services. In the last 14 years we have delivered 100+ million EUR savings to more than 300 customers on 4 continents .

Introduction – Lupus Consulting


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Lupus Warranty means cost savings on development and operation at high quality We provide high class business solutions to help Customers to improve their Supply Chain and Manufacturing processes TCO based SAP Operation Outsourcing service secures Clients’ budget and guaranties agreed quality Our customers work in frequently changing environment, Lupus Flexibility supports high speed adaptation of market challenges Lupus Stability , extreme low level of Fluctuation results in always growing and available knowledge base during our partnership We support International expansion of our Customers globally with template and roll-out projects optimized to their business objectives

Value Proposition for Our Clients


Our Services are Optimized to Your Business

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Major locations and starups


Office Poland

Lupus Consulting GmbH

Lupus Benelux

Lupus Consulting KFT. Corporate headquarter

Tel.: +49 (0) 73 21/94 50 35 Fax: +49 (0) 73 21/94 50 35-9

Tel.: +36 1 412 1030 Fax: +36 1 412 1031

Tel.: +48 71 715 63 39 Fax: +48 71 715 63 49

Tel.: +31 (0) 63 1994 228 Fax: +31 (0) 20 8949 111










Tel.: +36 1 412 1030 Fax: +36 1 412 1031



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Development & Milestones


Growing from 3 Experts in 2002…

… to > 160 Experts in 2021

2008 Signing the Global Alliance Partnership contract with ABeam in Tokyo: complementary services and close co-operation in Europe working with Abeam in various projects all over Europe.

2005 Launch of the near-shore development center in Budapest.

2012 Extending the Application Management Outsourcing center in Budapest. Increasing near-shore volume for clients in DACH and CE. Develop market presence in Poland.

2015 NL office foundation. Further growth of near-shore Development, adopting JAVA and .Net technologies. Continuous growth in Application Management Outsourcing services leads to further professionalization of this service line

Continuous organic growth of the near-shore Development Center and of our project office. An increasing demand of integrated B2B solutions triggered the setup of a new service line focusing on non – SAP custom development and an “AppFactory” approach. 2016

Winning important Application Management Outsourcing – contracts in EU and CE. Becoming the official European delivery hub within the ABeam global AMO & Project Services (further integration with ABeam Consulting). 2014

Increasing near-shore and Application Management Outsourcing services for European and global corporations. Near-shore development services for increasing number of clients in DACH. Start marketing of template roll-out projects to Central Europe for DACH based manufacturing companies. 2010

Consistent growth and first large-scale project wins at GE and ExxonMobil. Forming the vision of a European consulting company. 2002

Foundation of the Application Management Outsourcing center in Budapest. Opening the new office in Germany. 2007

2017 Increasing demand for Business Intelligence solutions triggers a focus on new technologies Lupus adapts various SAP and non-SAP solutions as well as the values & principles of “agile software development”. Further growth in headcount, reaching >160 dedicated professionals Launch of near-shore development center in Debrecen.

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Service Lines


Service Lines

Data warehouse and BI/BO solution design and implementation on various platforms HANA based solutions Business Intelligence

SAP and non-SAP system operation out-sourcing in 7x24 SLA frame Global operation ability with local presence in 4 continents Run SAP on MS Azure Proven record track for large scale „Run & Build“ operations Standards applied: ITILv3, CMMi , SAP guidelines Ability to provide tailor made services for enterprises of all sizes Application Management Services (AMS Center)

Providing consulting on SAP and Microsoft technology SAP roll-out and implementation projects. CR implementation Supply Chain Optimization services Consulting Services

Providing development services on various technologies – SAP, Java and Microsoft Development services for digital transformation SAP basis consulting services for implementation, roll-out and upgrade projects Smart-shore development center

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Service Portfolio


Consulting Services

SAP Consulting services covering most of the SAP portfolio SAP roll-out and implementation projects Business Process Optimization services & quality assurance services. Niche topics

Application Management Outsourcing

Near-Shore (Development) Center

SAP and non-SAP system operation out-sourcing in 7x24 SLA frame Global operation ability Proven record track for large scale „Run & Build“ operations Standards applied: ITILv3, CMMi , SAP guidelines Ability to provide tailor made services for enterprises of all sizes

Providing traditional and cloud-based SAP development services Development services focusing on digital transformation in- and outside of SAP Ecosystem Broad expertise of SAP Basis services – covering implementation, upgrade and support services Professional and enhanced set of tools based on SAP guidelines and best practices 60 well-trained SAP & non-SAP developers Near-shore Development Centers in Budapest & Debrecen

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Services for digital transformation


Methodology: Agile and classic project management with Scrum, Kanban and SAFe certified experts. All senior Team: Full-blown delivery capability covering all roles like Solution Architect, Designer as well as Front- and Backend Developer. Technology: Covering Frontend, Backend and Database technologies.

HTML5/CSS/JS client-side applications in front of the user powered by robust development frameworks like ReactiveJS or AngularJS, backed by Java & Spring and a NoSQL DB on server side. Applications to be deployed on popular cloud solutions according to the newest Microservices architecture style and communicating via REST web-services.

Addressing historically grown and heterogenous technology landscapes running different legacy applications. Carefully managing potential slower adaptation of newer technologies and architectural concepts in large enterprises (SOA, microservices etc.) Rock solid knowledge of Front- and Backend enterprise grade technologies like JAVE EE, SOAP webservices, SOA architecture, Microservices and relational databases like Oracle.

Methodology, Team & Technology

Web & Mobile Application Development

Enterprise Application Development

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Flexible scalability from on-site to complete remote

Lupus Smart-Shore Model


Complex processes

Go to market time

Non standard operation

Cost pressure

Facilitate strategic resources

Sustainable knowledge base


The perfect solution for every kind of IT-project Based on the experience of 15 years international development services

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Scalability of LUPUS Smart-Shore Model






Business Complexity

Time Pressure





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