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Scene 1 (0s)

Lumenore – Product Roadmap.

Scene 2 (6s)

Advanced global filters (User can map multiple data sources in filters)​ Self Service 2.0​ with many performance and experience upgrades Analytical Apps​ + Marketplace New chart type addition (Network Graph and Tree map)​ Cascading in Filters​ Advance export enhancements (PDF and Grid).

Scene 3 (37s)

Conditional public embedding For embedding analytics content in third party products/applications.

Scene 4 (52s)

To Classify unlabeled data based on the past labelled data, users use this functionality to build ML model and classifier un-seen data..

Scene 5 (1m 17s)

What-if analysis in Ask Me to run various business scenarios to foresee the outcomes.

Scene 6 (1m 34s)

Analytics designer- ’Do You Know’ to be integrated in ‘Self Service’ dashboards to provide a complete solution and increase adoption​ Idea is to Empower users to design advanced insights within dashboard designer so that they get a tremendous value-based output​ No more wandering to access variety insights as we integrate the generation of regular KPI charts and Do You Know charts in a single designer​ Lumenore architecture gives the flexibility to implement this as the semantic layer and data layer is commonly defined​ This will help in product adoption as users get more value from single point of access​ Dashboards will be more powerful than before.

Scene 7 (2m 2s)

Appsule is an integrated offering of Lumenore to serve Business Solutions/Templates to be hosted at the marketplace How to launch and market Lumenore Appsule : Initially Lumenore will launch the first set of Appsule and Involve the community to publish their apps Idea is to promote Lumenore using a community business module Lumenore to launch analytical app ecosystem to empower the community to build solutions Experts will be able to build ‘ Appsules ’ using their data over the connectors and publish generic templates with their names as publisher Marketplace to host ’ Appsules ’, monetization for publishers, promotion for Lumenore platform Events will be hosted for creators to increase the activities in this space that gradually impacts growth.

Scene 8 (2m 34s)

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