Why is good or bad for people to live on Mars?

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today will be talking about why it is good or bad to live on Mars Why is good or bad for people to live on Mars?.

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Come to here! https://automate.video/. Come to here! https://automate.video/.

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intro. Pros and cons on why people should live at Mars. Listen our opinions and think about your thought too!.

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pros. Humans should become a multi planet species Humans can make discoveries much faster than robots. Mars has some similarities to Earth..

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cons. Toxic soil Cold temperatures Lack of water Humans would be at risk for solar and cosmic radiation There is no oxygen Living there would be very expensive Its farther to travel which means you would need a bigger rocket and that goes on the cost as well.

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Conclusion. Even though it is expensive and risky environment to live in, we conclude that still good to live at Mars. We will be available to discover a whole new planet and new technologies will develop. Our team’s opinion conclude positive with Mars life. What about you?.

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‹#›. Thanks. Any questions? Esther Alexiy Aidan.