Lifestyle Heal

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Lifestyle Heal

“ Your Health is Your Wealth ”

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With regards to this presentation and research being the only source of information due to the covid-19 pandemic. I would like to discuss some of the problems experienced within the healthcare system. Some of those problems are: ● Difficulties finding a good doctor , nurse or physician. ● High cost care. ● Inefficiencies. ● Preventable medical errors.

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Solution proposal

The app Lifestyle Heal will implement features designed to eliminate these problems and making healthcare much easier for both employees and customers/patients. Some of the implemented solutions are listed below: ● Profiles and list of doctors ● Focus on continuity care ● Effectiveness ● Correct prescription of medication

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Lifestyle heal approach

Reasons why the agile method of approach was chosen: ● Increase Team Performance ● Improve Customer Satisfaction ● High Product Quality ● Project Control ● Faster Return on Income (ROI)

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● 3-5 Months will be the designated time to complete the app. ● Requirements ● Design ● Testing ● Launch

Requirements 4 weeks Design 2.5 months Testing 2 weeks Launching 2 weeks

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Lifestyle heal investment

● LIFESTYLE HEAL Budget- $160,000 ● Each investor will invest $10,000 The budget of $160,000 will be split up in the following sections: ● Hardware ● Software ● Cloud Approval ● Storage ● Necessary Skills ● Marketing

1) Hardware 5) Skills 6) Marketing 2) Software 3) Cloud Approval 4) Storage

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Benefits / roi

●Boost the Stakeholder confidence by 40% ● Improved Process Efficiencies ● Revenue Income ● Advertising the App ● Initiating Partnerships ● Research Finance ● Joining other Platforms

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As I come to the end of my presentation I would like to thank each and everyone for the time given to present my app. Thank You.