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LAWS OF INDICES 1.When multiplying two or more numbers having the same base, the indices are added. 32x34 — 32+4 = 36 2.VVhen a number is divided by a number having the same base, the indices are subtracted. 39 39-5 = 34 3.When a number which is raised to a power is raised to a further to a further power, the indices are multiplied. 4x5 4.Any number raised to zero the result is 1 20 x 1 5.A number raised to a negative power is the reciprocal Of that number raised to a positive power. -5 x 1 5 x similarly 1 x¯ 2 6.When a number is raised to a fractional power, the DENOMINATOR of the fraction is the root of the number and the NUMERATOR is the power BY ALITA ASHILE