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Our Values.

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IaaS. PaaS. SaaS. We believe that legal problems can not only be solved, but prevented, through proper preparation, expert structuring and good intentions. Comprehensive preparation, up-to-date information, continuous support, cost-effective solutions. We help you preserve your financial and non-financial assets so that you can use them to achieve business goals and development..

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IaaS. PaaS. Due to their complexity, legal regulations often entail unexpected situations. We offer our customers what matters the most: Services that make the world of information technology and business feel like a predictable and safe place. With our help, law becomes a means to achieving our clients’ goals..

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IaaS. PaaS. SaaS. Project-driven operations and innovation: While collaboration remains easy to navigate, the AI-enabled, efficiency-enhancing processes ensure that our work stays value-driven and transparently priced while retaining its value..

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IaaS. PaaS. SaaS. We always identify the opportunities behind legal challenges. We help you navigate the ever-changing maze of legal regulations and the latest developments in information technology. We guide our clients through the possible paths, the legal steps to take and the potential risks along the way. This way, we enable our clients to make the best possible decision in an informed and responsible manner..

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Areas of expertise.

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2020. Data protection. In the framework of our data protection audit, we precisely map the data protection risks associated with the operation of each company with minimal client input and develop detailed recommendations for their elimination. If desired, we will provide missing documents and undertake legal coordination with competent authorities. We help you keep your data safe..

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2020. The preparation of contracts and documentation related to software development, cloud technology and outsourcing requires not only in-depth IT knowledge but also comprehensive legal expertise. Having worked with many key stakeholders in the IT industry over the years, we are familiar with the legal processes from both the client and the developer side. As legal consultants, we accompany our clients throughout the development and implementation cycles. We represent our clients in regulatory and court proceedings related to telecommunications law. We put law at the service of technology..

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2020. Patents, trademarks, proprietary software and databases deserve the same degree of protection as musical, literary and artistic works, your company logo, elements of your corporate identity, brand and image. In the field of intellectual property, we have garnered particular expertise in technological innovation. We provide our clients with professional guidance and full representation before the courts and professional authorities in relation to design and utility patents, trademarks and patents. We ensure that your creation is legally protected..

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2020. Do you want to become the proud owner of a company that is growing in all aspects? We accompany and support our clients throughout the entire company life cycle, from incorporation, through efficient structuring of individual business units, to liquidation. We assist our clients in the collection of their claims, by preparing settlements and installment agreements, as well as full representation in bankruptcy or litigation proceedings before Hungarian and European courts. Wherever your business is headed, you will find us to be a competent partner..

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2020. The cooperation between employer and employee and the rights and obligations arising from the employment relationship are governed by a continuously updated set of labor regulations. We offer our clients up-to-date consultancy on employment law, from the establishment of an employment relationship to its modification and termination, to collective labor law matters. We prepare the necessary employment regulations, management contracts and other employment law documents. We have extensive experience in specialized regulations for senior employees. We are here so that you can focus on your work..

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2020. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, a well-prepared and well-drafted contract will ensure that you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of the sale. Whether the property is residential or industrial, we can assist our clients with everything from legal due diligence to tax and duty disclosure, as well as representation in land registry, municipal authority and licensing proceedings. We ensure that your satisfaction is maximized..

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2020. Do you run a high-traffic webshop ? Does your business provide a trust-based service? Have you been wronged as a customer or consumer? We provide our clients with detailed advice on how to develop the right business models to comply with the law and ensure that consumer data stays properly protected. We provide full representation before conciliation bodies, the Hungarian Competition Authority and the consumer protection authority in reviews, proceedings or litigation. We guarantee that trust remains unbroken..

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2020. Are you pleased to open the documents sent by your lawyer? How many times do you read through the materials prepared by the legal department? Would you like to view the legal background as the driving force behind processes? With legal design, legal processes can not only be optimized, but also re-framed and even delivered as a customer experience. We make law accessible and transparent: Our documents are presented in a client-centric way via powerful visual communication. We believe that accessible law should be everyone's right..

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