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Scene 1 (0s)

ICT Groupwork



Kenneth Lim (Leader) Tan Ik Xuan (Assist Leader) Muhammad Yusuf Iqbal Tan Kuan Sheng Satiswaran

Scene 2 (19s)


Small, inexpensive USB-based device Transmits and receives wireless Bluetooth signals. A lso known as USB Bluetooth Adapters Usually plugged into a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port

A wireless technology that uses radio waves to transmit data across a certain distance

Scene 3 (1m 3s)

Wireless printing, communication with cell phones, network sharing, and file transfers

Enable Bluetooth for devices that don’t have this function built-in


Connect any Bluetooth device to your laptop without additional hardware.

Scene 5 (4m 22s)

Specification review

5. EDR EDR means “enhanced data rate”. EDR provides faster rate of transfer for files across compatible devices.



-The device apply Bluetooth 4.0 with low energy technology (BLE) and Enchanced Data Rate(EDR) - included CSR harmony drivers to increase audio transfer speed

Not support EDR

Ugreen Bluetooth Dongle

Scene 6 (4m 58s)

Specification review

6. Multiple connection Bluetooth multipoint gives you the ability to pair two different Bluetooth sources at the same time

- Easy setup , paired quickly and auto reconnects - Allows two different bluetooth devices to be connected, make it more convenient to share games with friends and no wired required



Ugreen Bluetooth Dongle

- allow 8 devices to be connected simultaneously - This device only can only use for laptop or pc

Scene 7 (5m 38s)

Specification review

7. A2D and ARVCP A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) enables a headset to stream high quality stereo audio wirelessly. AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) is the Bluetooth profile that enables remote control functionality.



- Support A2D ( Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) - ARVCP (Audio/ Video Remote Control Profile).


Ugreen Bluetooth Dongle

Scene 8 (6m 18s)

Specification review

8. IOT device IoT devices include wireless sensors, software and computer devices. They are attached to a particular object that operates through the internet, enabling the transfer of data.

4.0 5.0 Does not support car stereo system or wireless tv Does support IOT device because it support wireless tv system Ugreen Bluetooth Dongle

Scene 9 (7m 0s)


Comparison and Recommendation

Ugreen Bluetooth dongle 4.0

Ugreen Bluetooth dongle 5.0

Scene 10 (7m 16s)



Bluetooth dongle 4.0

Bluetoth dongle 5.0

Which one supports A2DP & ARVCP ?

Scene 11 (7m 29s)

Transmission Distance

Bluetooth dongle 4.0

Bluetooth dongle 5.0

Scene 12 (7m 44s)

IOT Devices

Bluetooth dongle 4.0

Bluetooth dongle 5.0

Which dongle supports IOT devices ?

Scene 13 (8m 0s)


Bluetooth dongle 4.0

Bluetooth dongle 5.0


Scene 14 (8m 11s)

Multiple Connection


Bluetooth dongle 4.0

Bluetoth dongle 5.0

Can only be used for laptop/PC 8 devices can be connected at one go

2 different bluetooth devices can be connected Easy setup, wireless, auto reconnects next time

Which is more convenient ?

Scene 15 (8m 39s)


Ugreen bluetooth dongle 4.0

Ugreen bluetooth dongle 5.0

Data Transfer rate Comparison and recommendation

DTR of 4.0 is higher than 5.0

Scene 16 (9m 6s)

support wireless bluetooth enable device - keyboard - mice - speaker - headset - smartphone

Universal compatible

work well with the gaming device - PS3 - PS4, PS4 pro - PS5 - Switch

student more suitable to use bluetooth dongle 4.0!!


Bluetooth dongle 4.0

Bluetooth dongle 5.0

Scene 17 (9m 37s)


Bluetooth dongle 4.0

Bluetoth dongle 5.0

EDR(enhanced data rate) UGREEN

Why 5.0 didnt support EDR but 4.0 support it?

Scene 18 (9m 56s)

Recommendation Ugreen Bluetooth Dongle


Scene 19 (10m 31s)



Bluetooth dongle 4.0 Bluetooth dongle 5.0


Scene 20 (10m 52s)

Members roles

Introduction Tan Ik Xuan (17234)

Specification review Tan Kuan Sheng (17223) Muhammad Yusuf Iqbal Bin Amran (17226)

Comparison and Recommendation Satiswaran A/L Paramesparan (17225) Kenneth Lim Ming Sean (17235)

Conclusion Kenneth lim ming sean (17235)