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Netiquette Guidelines

Today’s topic is all about...

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Living in the world where technological advancements are rampant and a whole new digital or virtual world has been created and opened, various of online platforms have now been made available for us to access. We cannot deny the fact that it is beneficial and given with that, we must take care and be responsible in using it.

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To do this, there are netiquette or net etiquette guidelines we need to follow in order to create and make the digital world a safe place.


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Netiquette Guidelines: The DO’s and DON’Ts of Online Communication

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Be Nice! Avoid Insults and Criticisms, as well as Sarcasms. Respect one another. Don’t create a fuss just because one’s taste and interest is not the same as yours. We are all different and that differences deserves respect.

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3. Refrain from typing in ALL CAPS! Doing so makes you appear as if you are angry or shouting. Don't badmouth others or call them stupid.  If you disagree about someone’s idea, don’t mock them.

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Read properly some posting on the discussion boards to avoid confusion. Only share factual informations with evidences to avoid the spread of fake news. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t open your mouth or type words of mockery.

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If you won’t say a particular word face to face , do the same virtually. Don’t abuse the power of the internet. Don’t use the internet to bully someone, spread hateful comments, to harass someone and etc. Don’t use your anonymity to shame someone.

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Lastly, Use appropriate language or tone. Be mindful of the words you will use in posting stuffs online to not stir any commotions on the digital world.

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All of this and more are needed to be considered in order to create a more safe environment on this virtual world in the 21 st century. By following and practicing these netiquettes now will enable you to respond properly in high school, college and even in the workforce or place. You will be prepared to communicate in any situation that you are in.

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Lastly, As much as possible, try to be a good digital citizen. Always remember , “ THINK before you CLICK.”

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