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Kartavya. An effort towards educated INDIA.

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Brief history of Kartavya. Kartavya was started in the year 2007 by B.Tech students of NIAMT Ranchi. It is an NGO initiative run by the students of NIAMT Ranchi. It aims at uplifting the economically and socially backward children of Ranchi. Now the question arises, how to help those children? As Nelson Mandela said, “ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” our seniors started imparting knowledge to the children. They devised a systematic method to do so. They established Kartavya centers in Ranchi. They started running evening classes at these centers. The hardworking children from each center are admitted to nearby schools with Kartavya, with the help of its sponsors, bearing the expenses..

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CENTERS OF KARTAVYA. At present, three centers are being operated by Kartavya in Ranchi. The three centers are: Hatia Center : This is the oldest of the three Kartavya centers. This center is located in Community Hall, Chandni Chowk, Hatia , Ranchi. The current strength of the Hatia center is 50 . T upudana Center : This center is located in Nayak Basti, Tupudana , Ranchi. The current strength of the Tupudana Center is 25 . NIAMT Center : This is the newest of the three Kartavya centers. It started functioning in the year 2019. This center is located on the NIAMT campus itself. This is one of a kind center as it is fully run by the girls of NIAMT. The current strength of the Kartavya NIFFT center is 25..

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SPONSORED CHILDREN. The children admitted to the nearby schools by Kartavya, by the aid of its sponsors bearing the expenses, are called “sponsored children”..

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PREVIOUS YEAR’S RESULT. In 2020 , 3 students from Kartavya cleared Class 10 th examinations. All three students excelled in the examination with first division..

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EVENTS FOR CHILDREN. Kartavya believes in the all-round development of a child. That’s why we don’t restrict children to studies. On different occasions, we conduct different events for the Kartavya students so that the “artist” in them can nurture..

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Activities during Covid Crisis. Continued classes in Online Mode. Distributed Smart Phones among s students of Kartavya for attending online classes. Distributed essentials for covid relief and spread awareness.

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Activities during JINKS pranav. JINKS Pranav is the annual cultural & techno-management fest of our institute NIAMT, Ranchi. To e nsure the overall development of students of Kartavya , we make sure to have their active participation in various events like fancy dress compedition , dancing , singing etc..

Scene 9 (3m 13s)

FUNDS FOR KARTAVYA. Funds are the most important thing for an NGO to keep running. As Kartavya is being run by students, it hasn’t been an easy job to collect and raise funds. Despite the challenges, our seniors have done their best to collect and raise funds for Kartavya. The major sources of funds for Kartavya are: Amount collected from the “Kartavya Stall”: You all would be remembering the purchase of essential items for the hostel from Kartavya Stall. Yes, it also forms a portion of our funds. After the JoSAA /CSAB online rounds, students are told to report at their colleges. So what we do is that we open a stall and sell items at reasonably higher prices so that the extra amount earned can be utilised for the benefit of the Kartavya children. Sponsors: There are some people who sponsor a child by paying the full fee of the Kartavya child. This includes our alumni, some residents of Ranchi..

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How Kartavya can improve/change life?. Developing both moral and social values in the children Encouraging girl education Developing creative and communication skills Providing basic needs to poor people.

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ROLE OF SECOND YEAR STUDENTS. Fundraising Social marketing & promotion Taking regular classes.

Scene 12 (4m 24s)

ROLE OF THIRD YEAR STUDENTS. Centre Management Event Management Funds Expenditure.

Scene 13 (4m 35s)

KARTAVYA COMMITTEE. Kartavya Committee consists of: Three General Secretaries(G.S.) Three Joint Secretaries(J.S.) One treasurer. There are other committee members too like Center Head, etc. Kartavya’s work is divided among the committee members..

Scene 14 (4m 53s)

COMMITTEE. Present Committee G.S – Manas Sharma , Praveen Raj Singh & Yukti Upadhyay J.S- Utkarsh Kumar , Ujjwal Upadhyay & Kriti Kumari Treasurer- Anish Narayan Khaware Previous Committee G.S. – Shubham Kumar & Abhay Jha J.S. – Varnit Dabral & Gaurav Mishra Treasurer – Harsh Gupta.

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Success story of Mr. Sanjay Manjhi & other ex Kartavya Students.

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Thank You.