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What do think about jobs opportunities in Panama?

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Ever since its creation, the isthmus of Panama changed the world´s climate and biodiversity, linking 2 continents (North & South America). During colonial times, Panama was of strategic importance for trade and transport of gold and silver from South America to Spain, which prompted the idea of a Panama Canal since the 1500s. The world´s first interoceanic railroad (linking the atlantic & the pacific) was built in Panama in the late 1800s which played a key role for trade during the California Gold Rush and US expansion to the West. In 1914 Panama´s role as an international trade hub was further cemented with the Panama Canal engineering marvel being finally built.

Panama´s Key Geographic Position

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In June 1948, the Colon Free Zone was established, becoming the largest duty free zone in the Western Hemisphere and Panama´s 1 st special investment regime complementing it´s strategic position.

Several Multinational Companies such as Gillette Export, Coca Cola export Corp., Pfizer Int., & Park Davis opened for business here. Since then, the CFZ (ZLC) has grown into the 2nd largest duty free zone in the world.

20th Century successful development

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Maritime Hub

Air Hub

Technology Hub

Financial Hub

Modern Panama´s Comparative Advantages

D ollarized economy with almost no inflation since 1904

A well developed and long established international banking center with over 60+ licensed International banks.

Sustained economic growth around 7 % on average for the last 1 0 years (leading the Latin American Region ).

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Free Trade & Commercial Agreements

Augmenting our

Export capabilities

Panama currently has 23 free trade/commercial agreements, spanning more than +60 countries

worldwide . This provides

businesses operating from Panama direct access to over 1.3 billion consumers with a purchasing power per capita of over +$29,000.00

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Investing in Modern Day Panama

Taking advantage of major infrastructure left behind by US Military Bases with the Panama Canal reversion on Dec. 31 st 1999 ; as well as creating special economic zones & laws that have established a favorable environment for companies, Panama has been able to capture over 50% of all FDI in Central America.

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Special Economic Zones & Laws geared towards attracting FDI

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Taking advantage of a former U.S. Air Force base, Panama, in conjunction with the private master developer London Regional, has created one of the largest and most ambitious mixed-use developments in the world and is located right next to the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal.

Ideal location for : High-tech manufacturing, logistics and distribution maritime and aviation services

More than +280 companies located here, including Fortune 500 companies and Forbes Global 2000

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Over + 2,700

companies employing over +18,000 people operate out of the CFZ.

2nd largest FZ & one of the leading logistic centers for multimodal redistribution in the world. Located adjacent to three major shipping ports on the Atlantic side it is an ideal hub to access markets of Central America, The Caribbean & Andean Community.

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Leveraging major infrastructure once built for intelligence purposes by the American’s, Panama created the City of Knowledge . Here is where you will find the convergence of 7 major sub oceanic fiber optic cables creating the backbone for all telecommunication throughout the region.

Located just minutes from Panama City center, this area was established to promote business, educational, scientific & humanistic collaboration. it is an ideal location for a variety of activities such as:

Member of IASP International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation

Communications Biosciences, Infotech Environmental Manage- ment Entrepreneurship

Human development Global Services Businesses focused on the Orange Economy

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Panamanian law allows for an individual or company to establish a Free Zone anywhere in the country as long as it meets certain criteria such as a minimum area of 2 hectares.

Permitted Activities: Manufacturing Assembling Processing Logistics High Tech Research Environmental Services Health Services

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This law, popularly known as “SEM” ( Sedes De Empresas Multinacionales ) provides benefits in tax, labor, customs and immigration. It grants Multinational companies greater flexibility and access to over 400 million people living within the Latin American market. Currently over + 1 6 0 registered companies with over $1 billion in investment. Focused activities include: Operations management Logistics / warehousing Design / construction plans Electronic processing R&D, product development metr

To be eligible, multinationals must manage $200MM or more in assets of the corporate group and/or have at least 7 subsidiaries.

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Manufacturing Services for Multinational Companies. Panama has constantly strived to be a world leader when it comes to doing business on a global scale. Once again through the adoption of the new law EMMA (MSM), Panama will attract major corporations to establish manufacturing operations here. Our commitment is to offer legal security, boost economic growth, generate new jobs and capitalize on the transfer of technology. Immigration benefits for executives. Similar requirements to the MHQ regime. 5% income tax .

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The Panama Film Commission was created to promote and facilitate the production of motion pictures and to enhance the film industry in general within the country. What do we offer? Great Locations: Beaches on the Atlantic and Pacific, tropical rain forests, modern city views full of skyscrapers, mountains, islands, colonial historic district just to name a few.

One Stop Shop for all your filming permits including immigration, customs, work permits for foreign personnel, and special requests for film locations within the national territory. 25% Cash Rebate