Keywords and comprehensions

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Scene 1 (0s)

Keywords and comprehensions

Scene 2 (7s)

key words in comprehensions

- Words that sum up the main meaning of the question. - Words that help us find the answer in the passage.

Scene 3 (30s)

Why do we need to locate the key words?

1. Helps us identify what is being asked. 2. Helps us go back in the story and locate the answer, by finding the same word or a phrase that discusses the key word. 3. Simplifies the question for us, making it easier to answer.

Route (Two Pins With A Path) with solid fill

Scene 4 (1m 5s)

An example:

Text: There once was a boy named John. John lived in East London and took the bus to school every day. He loves going to school as he is apart of the soccer team, and they play matches every Thursday. Question: When does John play matches? Key word: matches Answer: Thursdays

Scene 5 (1m 51s)

Often the key word is a… - location - date - name - figures

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Scene 6 (2m 13s)

The key word can be a synonym for a word in the text:

Example: Recommendations  about __________________ are given to the  wife-to-be . Passage statement: Her guests often tease the  bride  about her husband and give her  advice  about married life. Answer = married life