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ISOKO DEAL. MANIFESTO OF Hon. Barr Silas Buowe, Candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Isoko Federal Constituency, 2023.

Scene 2 (6s)

I am Silas Buowe, a lawyer and politician. I am the candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in the 2023 elections. I am contesting for the Federal House of Representatives to represent the Isoko nation in the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria..

Scene 3 (33s)

The politics of our Isoko nation since 2007 have left us thoroughly divided, politically ravaged and economically stagnated. We are now derisively referred to as politically internally displaced people by those who once respected us as an ethnic group. It is painful that we now jostle for political refuge in the shelter of those who once served and depended on us..

Scene 4 (1m 1s)

As a fallout of the disunity and self-centeredness amongst the political class, development eluded us. Thus, there is decay in infrastructure, palpable poverty and hopelessness in Isoko nation. This is most regrettable..

Scene 5 (1m 38s)

I have consulted widely and together with my team of intellectuals, men, women and youths drawn from across Isoko land, we have itemized below an agenda that will provide resilient infrastructure and stimulate the growth of sustainable economic activities in our homeland..

Scene 6 (2m 8s)

To this end, I'll ensure that at least 24 youths (male and female) are offered foreign scholarship to pursue degree courses in medicine, engineering, architecture, pharmacy, information technology, etc..

Scene 7 (2m 46s)

I am a home boy, born and raised in an Isoko rural community of Umeh. I know the uncertainty that subsistence farmers face. I experienced it. Most can barely feed themselves..

Scene 8 (3m 19s)

Electricity is the pivot on which sustainable development sits. It is regrettable that Isoko Federal Constituency is in dire need of electricity. In some cases, for upwards of 2 months, there is no flicker of electricity. This has stifled private enterprise..

Scene 9 (4m 1s)

ENERGY & POWER SUPPLY. Furthermore, I will undertake, in collaboration with renowned charitable organizations, annual surgical and medical missions in which we will bring in an ‘armada’ of doctors and other healthcare workers from across the world to Isoko land. These missions will help to reduce the disease burden in our dear homeland. Other Infrastructure - There are basic infrastructure that Isoko desperately needs. Many of these are in very short supply. Principal amongst these are roads. I will lobby for and ensure adequate budgetary provision for the building of some new roads and maintenance of existing ones. Every Federal road cutting across the Isoko Federal Constituency will be given priority attention in terms of maintenance. A new Isoko ring road to run from Ozoro through Owhe to Olomoro with a spur to Igbide - Owodokpokpo - Umeh will be initiated. The existing NDDC road to connect Isoko to the East West Road through Uzere to Patani with bridges will be pursued with vigour..

Scene 10 (4m 28s)

Emevor - Iyede road to be reconstructed. Enhwe- Igbide and Enwhe - Olomoro roads to be rehabilitated. Aradhe Internal roads to be given priority, Ofagbe - Ovrode, Okpe-Idheze roads to be given priority. Aviara roads that connect her villages will be given priority..

Scene 11 (4m 45s)

. Every decent society must accord her youths and women attention, if that society is to do well. With this in mind, I commit to put in place a deliberate government policy during my tenure to involve the youths and women in the policy thrust of my stay in the House..

Scene 12 (5m 21s)

Finally, I am convinced that with my election as a Member of the House of Representatives, a glorious future is here for our beloved Isoko nation..

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