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[Audio] Hi Investors! Welcome to this detailed presentation of Ease My Trip, India's fastest growing and only profitable OTA

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India’s Fastest Growing OTA Platform!

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[Audio] In 2008, three brothers Nishant, Prashant, and Rikant Pitti started Duke Travels, which was later re-christened as Ease My Trip. Thus started a great journey towards creating India's only profitable OTA. Three years down the line in 2011, Ease My Trip launched its first website to increase its online customer since. Since then, there has been no looking back. This boot strapped firm announced its revenues for the first time in 2017 when it soared to Rs. 1900 crore without any venture funding. Next year, there was no stopping and it climbed to Rs. 2400 crore. With revenues increasing, the brand started innovating and in 2020 it launched booking through Whatsapp for customers. The crowing glory for Ease My Trip came in 2021 when it became the first Indian OTA to be listed on the BSE. The initial response to the IPO was phenomenal as the brand was successful in raising Rs. 510 crore.

Ease My Trip’s Growth Through The Years

2008 Pitti Brothers - Nishant, Prashant and Rikant start Duke Travels, which was later rechristened as Ease My Trip 2018 Ease My Trip achieved a turnover of Rs.2400 crore 2020 Ease My Trip launches booking through Whatsapp for customers 2017 Ease My Trip announces revenues worth Rs. 1900 crore without any venture funding 2011 Ease My Trip is launched as an online B2C platform 2021 Ease My Trip becomes first Indian OTA to be listed on the BSE. Raised Rs.510 crore from the IPO

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[Audio] While the industry has been facing headwinds due to the onset of the global pandemic, Ease My Trip has battled it successfully by enhancing cost optimization and increasing operating efficiencies to register a jump in PAT to 86% in FY' 21.

Increase in Profit After Tax (PAT) Increase in revenue in Q4FY21 Growth in EBIDTA in FY’21 Only Indian OTA with good net profit margin over the last three years

Numbers Speaks




Highlights of FY’21

3 years

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[Audio] All these were achieved even though the impact of Covid- 19 was worse on the travel and tourism industry globally

Impact Of COVID-19 On Travel & Tourism Sector

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[Audio] World over, the impact of Covid has taken a toll on the travel and tourism industry. As per UNWTO report, the onset of Covid and lockdowns during the period of Jan- May 2020 saw international tourist arrivals dropping by 56%. This also resulted in a loss of $ 4671 billion or 5.5% of the global GDP in 2020 and wiped out 272 million jobs across the globe.

) Total GDP contribution: 2019 10.4% USD 9,170 BN 2020 5.5 % USD 4,671 BN Total Travel & Tourism jobs: 2019 334MN = 1 in 10 jobs 2020 272MN = 1 in 11 jobs

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Source: UNWTO Report

2020 JANUARY-OCTOBER INTERNATIONAL TOURIST ARRIVALS WORLD 2019•. IS BILLION (+4%) JANUARY-OCTOBER 2020:-72% AMERICAS 2019 219 MN (•t%) JAN-OCT 2020: -68% WORLD EUROPE 2019 744 MN (•4%) JAN-OCT 2020: -68% AFRICA 2019 70 MN (•2%) JAN-OCT 2020: -69% MIDDLE EAST 2019 6S MN (+8%) JAN-OCT 2020: -73% ASIA & THE PACIFIC 2019 361 MN (•4%) JAN-OCT 2020: -82%

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[Audio] India was no stranger to the impact of the Covid induced national lockdown. In 2019, the sector contributed 6.9% to the national GDP and in 2020 this plummeted by 36.3% and also resulted in mass job losses.

Impact of COVID-19 on India’s Travel & Tourism Industry

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Source: UNWTO Report

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[Audio] With both international and domestic flights banned during the national lockdown in 2020, there were massive cuts in both leisure and business spending in the industry.

Impact of COVID-19 on India’s Travel & Tourism Industry

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India Sector Characteristics Domestic vs International Spending: O Leisure vs Business Spending: O O O Dornestic Spending: USD 97.1BN (89%) International Sperxiing: USD IXOBN (11%) Leisure Spending: 1059BN (97%) Busirrss Spending: USD3.3BN (3%)

Source: UNWTO Report

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[Audio] So despite all these headwinds, how did Ease My Trip delivered these phenomenal numbers in FY' 21. By optimizing commissions and margins.

How Did Ease My Trip Beat COVID-19 Blues?

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Reduced discounts leading to significant cost savings. Discounts for FY21 reduced by 52%. Marketing cost reduced by 45% in FY’21 vis-à-vis FY’20. Increase in operational efficiencies & cost rationalization programs led to a significant saving of Rs. 467 Mn in FY21. On time & advance payments to Airlines led to better income from Airlines for FY’21.

Optimising Commissions and Margins!

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[Audio] This silver lining to what was a tough year was the IPO that helped raise Rs. 500 crores. Ever since the launch of the IPO, the stock has grown by 87% as

IPO – Onwards and Upwards in 2021

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Ease My Trip has raised Rs.510 crore on the back of its IPO Stocks have zoomed 127% over the last one month in anticipation that there is a huge pent-up demand Ease My Trip has emerged as the second largest OTA in terms of booking volumes Success of the IPO is reflective of the robust performance during the COVID-19 period

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Opportunities – The Way Ahead!

Online travel market in India is set to double over the next five years to reach US$31 bn FY25, growing at 14% CAGR from FY20 levels

Huge pent-up demand for the travel and tourism sector post the vaccination drive across India Increased adoption of internet platforms in under-penetrated segments such as hotels, international travel and bus Elevated growth in the underlying demand in sectors like air and hotels due to rising income levels Deeper penetration of travel into lower tier towns. Recovery in travel and tourism is expected to be at best ‘U-shaped”

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Why Ease My Trip Should Be A Part of Your Portfolio?

6 Reasons

Initial response of the IPO showed that the stock was oversubscribed 159 times suggesting that there is an appetite for the stock The stock is already up by over 85 per cent since it got listed in mid-March, showing momentum in the counter EaseMyTrip.com is one of the internet companies for which, investors are willing to pay a premium A thriving unique business model which is profitable, unlike its several peers that are yet to become profitable Even in Covid year, EBITDA for FY21 stood at Rs. 88 crores Zero debt with Cash & Term Deposit of Rs.242 crores as of March 2021

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