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[Audio] Welcome All. I would like to introduce you to our concept called future science..

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[Audio] futureScience is an enterprise dedicated to the cause of igniting the spark of scientific instinct and providing avenues to seekers ( students, tutors, parents, entrepreneurs, schools, educational institutions) with a window that could act as catalyst in the pursuit of academic development & entrepreneurial motives with the help of a system developed by the support of core principles of science and technology..

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[Audio] Whether it is feeding the poor by modernizing the farming techniques and food preservation or solving the problem of energy crisis. It is the progress in science and technology that can only provide solution for this. Science is the lone factor that can create positive disruption in favour of human development..

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[Audio] Today when there is general apathy towards ' thought' as a driving force for human progress and is getting replaced by short term manipulative materialistic methods of development, we are here to sensitize the society towards the long term, rewarding and fulfilling idea of investing time and efforts towards science as a vocation and a way of life. And the first towards that is to encourage and motivate young minds to take up science as their academic option at this level..

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[Audio] At futturescience we provide Coaching and Training Services including Classroom Coaching for Grade eleven and twelve students, we also provide professional career counselling and guidance services along with Scientific exhibitions and Industrial Exposure programmes. The first towards a successful career in the field of science and technology is to encourage and motivate young minds to take up science as their academic option at this level..

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[Audio] The myth about science is a vocation that is to be followed by people with higher IQs, special abilities and a superior financial backgrounds is prevailing able bodied & highly talented individuals from getting inclined towards it.We are here to bridge this gap. Thus the field of science and technology will never be short of talent whose dearth is faced by every section of industry..

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[Audio] We are futureScience Science is the future!.