Statue of zeus at olympia

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Statue of zeus at olympia

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One of the most important sanctuaries that existed in ancient Greece and which was also the cradle of several major athletic events, including the renowned Olympic Games, was the city of Olympia. Located in the western part of the Peloponnese, it was a place recognized for possessing the huge statue of Zeus at Olympia, a monument considered one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world.

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Characteristics of the statue.

The statue of Zeus at Olympia was built by one of the most important sculptors of the time, Phidias. Some of its most representative characteristics are mentioned below:

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The statue could be found in the temple that had been specifically built to house it.


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It measured a total of 13 meters high and 6 meters wide and also had a perimeter of 13 meters.

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Many experts assure that the image of Zeus had, to some extent, a degree of religiosity.



With the main objective of being able to decorate the base of the statue, its builder decided to choose the theme related to the birth of a divinity.

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According to history, the statue of Zeus at Olympia begins its history in 430 a.C thanks to Phidias, who was its builder. It was located in one of the temples that had been previously built for Zeus. According to history, the reason for its construction was purely religious because the people considered it a great protectorate. The statue of Zeus was installed in the temple in 430 a.C and remained there until 395 d.C. Already at that time, Christianity had managed to expand significantly and many of the ancient religions had begun to suffer from different persecutions.


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D estruction of the statue.

The statue of Zeus was destroyed in 170 due to a large earthquake that occurred in the area. Although it was later repaired, much of its greatness was lost by the time Constantine decided to decree that the gold on the statue be removed after he decided to convert to Christiani ty in the early 6th century d.C.

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The statue of Zeus is located in the city of Olympia, a city that had a special importance in the ancient world and which was also located in the Peloponnese, in the western part very close to the coast. It is important to mention that the city where this statue was found was the cradle of the Olympic Games and for that reason, it was possible to find a large number of temples, one of the most important being the temple dedicated to the god Zeus.

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The statue always required a series of important care so that the humidity felt in Olympia did not damage and break the ivory.

The maintenance in the hands of the deceased of Phidias and in order to keep it in good condition, they were in charge of covering it with olive oil.

According to the history and legends that come from the time, the statue of Zeus in Olympia is of great importance in the religious sphere of the place because it was the best way with which the settlers managed to fix an image of the god in the assailants who had different and own ideas regarding the aspect of it

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