The Impact of Computer Technology and the Internet on Nursing Education by: GILLIAN OTtly- EASTMAN Faith williams Joselle Benoit  Sharalee sahadeo

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The Impact of Computer Technology and the Internet on Nursing Education by: GILLIAN OTtly - EASTMAN Faith williams Joselle Benoit Sharalee sahadeo.

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Two people holding each other's hands. THE QUALITY OF CARING.

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Disadvantages. Disadvantages of having technological resources are not only based on accessibility and financial pressure but lies on the information that is there on the internet to be accessed. Even though information is right at our fingertips, some of the data that is available is not proven or factual, leading to confusion and misinformation during studies. It is up to us as student nurses to look thoroughly at the information that we are obtaining and ensure that it is credible. Another disadvantage that has come to my attention is patients and their family members use the same technology and information presented online and self diagnose themselves, sometimes putting themselves and their family in a state of worry. It is up to us as the professional to educate and guide them on how to use the information given so they will not overthink and also scare themselves..

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CONCLUSION. To say that technology and the internet has had an impact on Nursing Education, then this can be stated as a factual statement. This is because of these supporting factors, like accessibility, information that is available on the internet and the ability to carry out classes online. Although there are disadvantages in using technology, it has proven to be an asset during this Pandemic allowing students to continue with their education..

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