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Scene 1 (0s)

Capitulo 2 INFORMÅTICA 30A - DANIELA CAMPAL - Presentaciones de G... classroom.google.com Documentos de Google Documentos de Google Tablön Clases INFORMÅTICA 30A - DANIELA CA... Trabajo de clase Personas O DANIELA CAMPAL ha publicado una nueva tarea•. TRABAJAMOS EN DRIVE 12 abr (Ultima modificaciön: 12 abr) DANIELA CAMPAL ha publicado una nueva tarea•. TAREA PARA ALUMNOS PRESENCIALES 12 ... 12 abr DANIELA CAMPAL RECUERDEN QUE TODOS LOS CAPITULOS ABORDADOS SON REPASO DE ANOS ANTERIORES, SACANDO EL CAPITULO 4 QUE LO VIMOS ESTE ANO CAPITULOS QUE PUEDEN UTILIZAR: 1 /2/3/4/5/8/12/13/14/19 PUEDEN TRABAJAR EN INGLÉS O EN ESPANOL 1 comentario de clase MATIAS NICOLAS PALLONE 12 abr 0k profe Afiadir un comentario de clase... DANIELA CAMPAL GI Valentino A Caram

Scene 2 (4s)


Scene 3 (8s)

OKEY, but what do I need to do my homework? First I need my computer.


M y Keyboard, my mouse, my scanner

Input devices

My monitor, my printer

O utput devices

Scene 4 (23s)

Imput devices

What are them? Allow data to be input into a computer, use to provide the information or data. Do we can find them in our houses? Yes, they includes the keyboards, mouse, remote controls, Joysticks, Digital cameras.

Scene 5 (32s)

Output devices

What are them? is any piece of computer hardware equipment which converts information into human readable form. Do we can find them in our houses? Yes, they includes monitors, printers, speakers.

Scene 6 (41s)

I also have to think in which application do I could do it

Scene 7 (48s)

May I use powerpoint? Or may use google presentations?

Both have similar softwares

Scene 8 (55s)

S oftware: Software are the entire set of programs, procedures, and routines associated with the operation of a computer system

Scene 9 (1m 4s)

Lets do the homework toghether

Scene 10 (1m 11s)

Okey so I would have to do it in Google presentations so I could write at the same time as my friend.

Scene 11 (1m 18s)

docs.google.com Documentos de Google Capitulo 2 - Presentacio... Presentaciön sin titulo O google presentaciones -... Clases Presentaciån sin titulo -... @ Iniciar presentaciön Archivo Editar Ver Insertar Formato Diapositiva Estructura Q] Fondo Herramientas Complementos Ayuda Accesibilidad Diseöo Tema Transiciön ict book e Compartir 31 , 20 21 22 23 24 , 25 Temas En esta presentaciön Haz clic para agregar un titulo Haz clic para agregar un subtitulo. Haz clic para agregar notas del orador Haz clic para agregar un titulo Haz clic para agregar un subtitulo Claro sencillo Haz clic para agregar un titulo Haz clic para agregar un subtitulo Oscuro sencillo Haz clic para agregar un tituLo Hat clic para agregar un subtitulo Optimizaciön Importar tema

Scene 12 (1m 27s)

Which style should I choose?

It’s a formal task so I can not use bright colors as pink I should use black or grey

Scene 13 (1m 33s)

docs.google.com Capitulo... Capitulo 2 Archivo Editar Ver Insertar we can tind them in our houses? o googl... Formato Docu... Diapositiva Organizar QI Fondo Clases LANG... Se ha... Se ha... •15 Recibi... Prese... @ Presentar L 22 ict book inform... Compartir Herramientas Complementos Ayuda Disefio Tema Transiciön L 10 Ultima... •14 L 16 •17 '19 23 24 HARDWARE PHYSICAL COMPONENTS Haz clic para aäadir notas del orador

Scene 14 (1m 39s)

I also have to decide the font of the text, the color, the side and other things. Well lets se what my classmate is doing in the document. Oh he have done almost all the work

Scene 15 (1m 48s)

Character 1;2;15 Juliana Estanga Lautaro Tricarico Juana Gomez Nieto 3A