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DISASTERS affect everyone earth uakero $7.8 120Yo•e OILLION 230000 Dead DROUGHT? Horn of Afri aä but they impact the poor and vulnerable the most RUSSIA? 'orestrfire o $1.8 OILLION S3 Dead FLOOD? 1.985 Dead 10.1 LION FACING FOOD SHORTAGES HURRICANE : united States Dead OILLION earthquake po & tsunami O CHILES $30 OILLION 562 Dead FLOODE Sas OILLION 813 Dead eooDæ ambiqueo DP $0.4 800 Dead OILLION earthquake 20 & tsunami O APAN $210 20.000 Dead DILL-ION SUNAMI: [Indonesia* 165000 Dead OIL-LION LOW-INCOME COUNTRIES ACCOUNT FOR ONLY 1980 48% of the fatalities. 90/0 of the world's disasters, but 2.3 million people killed by disasters ECONOMIC LOSSES 2011 MAINSTREAMING DISASTER RISK MANAGEMENT in development planning can reverse the current trend of rising disaster impact. DISASTER RISK MANAGEMENT Risk Identification Risk assessments (community-based, probabilistic modeling); risk mapping; information campaigns; public outreach; etc. Risk Reduction Structural and non-structural measures; land use planning; policies and regulation; infrastructure retrofitting; etc. Preparedness Civil protection systems; pre-positioning emergency response equipment; early warning systems; contingency planning; etc. Financial Protection Assessing and reducing contingent liabilities; budget appropriation and execution; ex-ante and ex-post financing instruments; etc. Resilient Reconstruction Resilient recovery and reconstruction policies; ex-ante design of institutional response mechanisms; etc. International DISASTER FINANCING BETWEEN 1980 AND 2009 ABOUT 2% OF TOTAL DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE was allocated to disaster-related activities. Of this, the smallest share went to disaster prevention. 3.6% I $3.3 billion DISASTER PREVENTION AND PREPAREDNESS 24.8% I $22.6 billion RECONSTRUCTION AND REHABILITATION 69-9% I $63.7 billion EMERGENCY RESPONSE 2015 presents an opportunity to make disaster risk management a development priority: The Millennium Development Goals and the Hyogo Framework for Action reach their target dates that year, a new climate change treaty is anticipated, and the Sustainable Development Goals proposed at Ri0+20 are due by 2015. Millennium Development Goals Hyogo Framework for Action Sustainable Development Goals International Climate Change Negotiations THE WORLD BANK OGFDRR 2015 z o Learn more at