Inclusive Marketing

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Inclusive Marketing

What Is our Marketing Really Saying?

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Marketing Funnel

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Inclusive Marketing

Marketing that helps reach a larger audience of potential users by looking past preconceived notions of gender, age, race etc.

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More Than an Image Scan

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Impact of Inclusive Marketing

The elevation of diverse voices & role models The reduction of cultural basis An increase in the acquisition and retention of library users Building a strong network of supporters

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Inclusive Marketing Matters

70% of younger millennials are likely to choose a brand that demonstrates inclusion and diversity in its promotions. (  Accenture Survey, 2018)

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Inclusive Marketing Matters

93 % of marketers believe inclusive marketing is important for their businesses. (  Future Focus-The Next 10 Years, 2020)

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Inclusive Marketing Examples (Library)

Creating promotional material in other languages Programming targeting certain communities 360 Virtual Tour