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Scene 1 (0s)

Sanicare Reusable Feminine Hygiene Product. Collaboration between Botle Sanitary Towels and Lilypads UK.

Scene 2 (8s)

The story of Botle. Age: 13 Location: Lives in Mamelodi, one of the townships in Pretoria . Family Income: <R5000 /mth. Challenges : Unable to afford sanitary pads Forced to remain home from school (up to 1 month per year of school is missed) Botle finds it difficult to speak to other girls about her period as this topic is considered taboo..

Scene 3 (32s)

Product Benefits. 90% cheaper per year vs. disposables Up to 12 hours absorbency allowing single usage throughout the day More breathable material providing protection from itches and rashes It allows girls to use just 2 pads over the course of their period Only 5 hours of drying time at room temp. Reduces waste saving 500kg of CO2 Equivalent, by one woman over her lifetime.

Scene 4 (54s)

Healthcare : Sanitary wear provission Young women use Unhyginic Menstraul alternatives, this leads to poor Menstraul Hygiene Management.

Scene 5 (1m 28s)

Target market. TAM: African Sanitary product market by 2022: £560m. CAGR by 6.7% (2017 – 2022) SAM: R2,5b/ yr South African sanitary product market SOM : R240m – 10% of South African market – our target age range.

Scene 6 (1m 45s)

Competition. Competitors Features Deficiencies Price (200 units/ year) Disposable pads (Always) Easy to use Need to dispose 10 pads = 25 rand 500 rand / yr Cups Insertable Lasts up to 12 hours Need for insertion £ ?? Nappies Easy to use Last 12 hours Bulky 1 nappy = 3 rand 600 rand/yr Handmade alternatives (cloth, leaves) Easy to access Unhygienic, not absorbent Free Ecopads Very absorbent, Easy to use Need to be washed 1 pad = 8 rand.

Scene 7 (2m 10s)

Individuals. Traction. Botle Sanitary Towels is working with a manufacturing partner to produce our quality reusable pads and we manage the fulfilment centre and the sales distribution of our products..

Scene 8 (2m 31s)

Financial Projections. Projections Year 1 (Dec 2021) Year 2 (Dec 2022) Year 3 (Dec 2023) # pads sold 50 000 100 000 200 000 Revenue R2m R4m R8m Profit R1,1m R2,2m R4,4m.

Scene 9 (2m 44s)

Our team. Alison Wood, Lilypads London College of Fashion course in manufacturing Owns a trading business in the UK which designs and sells reusable period pads Experience distributing products in Kenya, Uganda and Cambodia MA in Economics, research into sexual health.

Scene 10 (3m 9s)

Sanicare, end period poverty.