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FaQiÄity:ManagerS IFME

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What is IFME?

IFME was started with the idea of raising the delivery efficiency for the organization. Facility Management is considered to be a new industry ( 15 years in India) wherein no formal courses were available in India and hence the industry followed the methodology of learning practices at work place. Working personals from various fields poured into this industry and started delivering as per their best of knowledge. We observed that people from all kinds of educational backgrounds are working in this industry and these people don’t carry required knowledge to perform their task efficiently. People who have good communication skills are hired and learn the trade while working. This happens as there is no formal education system for training or education of Facility Management professionals. We analysed the industry and realized that something concrete needed to be done as the required work dynamics is holistic in nature wherein employees having the mere knowledge of any single engineering discipline is not sufficient. One needs to have maintenance knowledge of electrical/mechanical/chemical/Electronics etc.. Infact Facility management is an amalgamation of all fields.

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What is IFME?

Facility Management is not a simple job, it’s a specialised job. The FM professionals can be considered as saviours of environment, they are the people who ensures compliances, cost control, energy conservation and resource conservation. Today every factory, commercial estates, residential complex’s, township, IT/ITES companies, Business houses and Malls need trained professionals for the office and building management. There is huge shortage of trained manpower in Facility Management Industry. This prompted us to design a course module for the working professionals so that they could benefit from this course in their carrier growth and benefit their organizations also. Today, facility management is not restricted to admin job only, there are other areas which makes this field strategic in the decision making for the organization.

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We also observed that there is no book for reference for ”Facility Management” professionals available in the country. Hence we have come up with two volumes of book on Facility Management, which covers all the aspects of the industry and is very much affordable to all. These books are published by Notion press and is available on leading online book sells( i.e. Flipkart; Amazon, Notion press websites) In view of the requirements we launched our training program through “Institute for Facility Managers & Engineers” in June 2011. We have completed 10 years training working professionals. We also did a number of corporate trainings. Our training program and books is helping youngsters and experienced professionals to enhance their knowledge base and perform efficiently. We have a very good feedback from our alumni’s. You may visit our website https:// facilitymanagementinstitute.com / for testimonials of our alumni's.

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USP of ifme

Our course content is similar for professionals from technical and non-technical background. Our teachers are experienced professionals from FM Industry. We teach in very simple language which can be easily absorbed by the trainees. Our teachers share lots of live incidents & examples for teaching. Wherever required we train through video clips. We teach all the applicable standards & benchmarks and explain their relevance for the profession.