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Scene 1 (0s)

IDA Bringing Generations Together

Scene 2 (15s)

A Green Community Where Generations Help Each Other Climate change, growing isolation and aging populations urgently require new housing and tech solutions that encourage sustainable support between generations.

ISA Skrå mig inn ISA Velkomin Ölöf! Hringdu bjöllunni! Hringdu bjöllunni! ISA Vissir aö ibüar 6 islandi >urfa aö minnka neysludrifiö kolefnisspor sitt um 67% til aö halda hnattrænni h19nun inna marka? Hér etur Bü sett Pér markmi skrå ogfyl*st meö 6ran ri Yttu hér til aö skrä inn Fylgstu meö érangrinum binum hér ISA Komdu meö i IDAndi samfélag! IDA er grænt samfélag sem hjålpast aöl Download on the App Store Wing". bjöuw-,ni! GET ON Play Velkomin Ölöf! Hringdu bjbllunni' Kolefnisspor Handbé Mitt svceöi Hringråsin Viöhald Barnapössun >vottur Tækniaöstoö Skutl Létt prif Innkaup Annaö Matur Orka FerBir Neysla Fréttir Hanu samband! Mitt Stillingor


Scene 3 (1m 27s)

A growing need for multi- generational support systems Nearly 30% of the 49.2 million people in the U.S. who are 65+ live alone at home (+14 million). Nearly 60% of home alone seniors report feelings of loneliness and social isolation, which often contributes to serious health issues. Changes in demographics, mobility and social values have reduced the number of family members available to care for impaired older relatives. As baby boomers age, more individuals will find themselves in need of care, yet there are few caregivers and a lack of support systems that connects them with millennials who are willing to provide support for a small fee. Projected change in supply and demand in caregiving 2015-2050 Potential caregivers Potential care recievers +13% +84%

Scene 4 (2m 3s)

Users: Mary and Christopher 16A Mary (72) got an iPad for Christmas from her grandchildren. She sometimes runs into trouble when looking up older emails but doesn't want to ask for more help from her busy grandkids. She "rings the bell" in the app and puts in a request for tech support. Ring the bell! Maintenance Ride Cleaning Shopping THU 14 Mary Edwards Tech support 01/21/2021 Offer support to Mary Tech support 0th e r Christopher (26) is watching Netflix when he receives a notification about Mary's request. He lives nearby and welcomes the idea to stand up from the couch and help a neighbor out with an easy task for him. He applies and Mary approves. 20 minutes later he walks over to Mary's and helps out with her iPad difficulties and drinks tea with her. Mary is pleased with his help and gives him 5 stars after the visit.

Scene 5 (2m 57s)

Christopher receives payment in coins These coins can be: • Saved to Wallet to save for future favors • Sent or gifted to another user in need for favors • Redeemed for cash 1 Coin = $20 F honks Christopher! ins Save to Wallet s 9ift

Scene 6 (3m 32s)

This is IDA A community of people that wants to live an active and vibrant lifestyle A community of people that wants to live in a diverse environment A community of people that wants to be there for each other A community of people that wants to be environmentally responsible