Note to Self

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Scene 1 (0s)

Note to Self. I CLT_308: Poem Project By: Amna Khwaja.

Scene 2 (15s)

Introduction:. Honestly this poem means everything to me, I look back and wonder, “wow, that happened!“ Hints of the poem: inner thoughts, coping, reality.

Scene 3 (1m 25s)

“Note To Self” (Poem). Note to Self By: Amna Khwaja I'm thinking to myself. I've been staring out the window, in disarray with some things, I ought to know. I try to get closer to you, And if I can't get you it's (not) me. [5] You know I'm fooling myself. You know my heart, You know I'll never leave, You know I'll do anything, You know. [10] You say you love me, Well, I know and I'm gonna do things. I'm crazy. You know I'm gonna go insane, You say you want me to stay, [15] And you can have me back. You can have me back, You can have me, I'll be right here. And you can have me, [20] You know I'll never leave. You know I've been crazy over you, If there's a place, That I could call my home, I'd be it. [25] I'd be so in love with you. Wouldn't want anything, It's the way you want me. To be where the sun shines, A place where I'll learn to love you true. [30].

Scene 4 (4m 3s)

My Writing Process:. Easy? I knew what I wanted to write, I had my diary as a reference. Hard? I can’t express myself verbally or in writing, I’m not sure if my message is clear. I want you to know: diction, tone, and different themes.