I Believe…

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[Audio] I believe.. I Believe…. Created By: Jonathan Smith.

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[Audio] I believe that Marvel is better than DC. They are both amazing companies that make fantastic films, shows, and comics, but in my opinion, Marvel is vastly superior..

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[Audio] To my knowledge, Marvel still has the entirety of their main character cast, meanwhile DC on the other hand, has had a main cast member that has been arrested twice in the same month. The star's first arrest was for second-degree assault and his second arrest was for disorderly conduct and harassment, but I digress..

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[Audio] Marvel has a far better plot sequence than DC. If you are a new to the Marvel Cinematic Universe ( MCU), then you are in for a wild ride. Each of the films lead up to a bigger overall picture, perfectly introducing and re-introducing characters throughout the series of films..

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[Audio] There is a specific order to watch the movies, which makes it 10 times more exciting knowing that each movie will lead to a new point in the plot. The MCU consists of more than 30 films and series combined, and is divided into 4 phases, so you'll have plenty of content to enjoy..

Scene 6 (2m 45s)

[Audio] I feel that with the films in the DC universe, they have become stale and are simply redundant. It seems like they are just forcing random fights and bringing characters into one movie for no reason. There is a lost connection between how the characters know each other and how the plot progresses, if there even is a plot..

Scene 7 (2m 47s)

[Audio] On the topic of characters and plot, I generally think that Marvel's characters are the most memorable in superhero/supervillain history. Each character has a part to play in the story along with them being easy to understand. There is different scenery that resembles each of the characters, making each one notable. The evolution of these characters, movie to movie is phenomenal..

Scene 8 (3m 34s)

[Audio] Although both are fictional stories about fictional characters, I absolutely love that Marvel took an approach on “realism”. I may be biased, but I also believe that Stan Lee was the most amazing person, blessing the world with his knowledge and craft.

Scene 9 (3m 50s)

[Audio] He developed these characters in a certain way, so as the audience, you feel the emotion and stress of every character in each film. Don't get me wrong, you can feel the same for a DC film, but there simply aren't words to describe the connection and relatability between yourself and a Marvel character on the big screen..

Scene 10 (4m 41s)

[Audio] Assuming that we have all seen Avengers: Infinity War, how did you feel after seeing the credits roll? Did you feel perhaps… sad, or maybe distraught? What about Avengers: Endgame?.

Scene 11 (5m 24s)

[Audio] You feel that way because when you have seen these characters grow and struggle the same way any other human would, you feel empathy for them. They are fictional characters, but they hold such an emotional value to their name and figure and that's what makes Marvel such a fantastic company..

Scene 12 (5m 22s)

[Audio] Enough of the seriousness though, can we talk about how DC forced " Batman v Superman", like come on now. Clearly Batman would lose, but commonly said, if he had preparation, all he needs is a glowing green rock. Superman would easily take that fight if Batman wasn't prepared; I mean he singlehandedly took down the entire justice league..

Scene 13 (6m 9s)

[Audio] Nonetheless, the overall goal of each film is to tell a story and I think that Marvel does a far better job at allowing the audience to live in the moment and get emersed into the cinematic universe than any DC film. To put it in a simple form, if you want action, watch a DC film, if you want less action, but a riveting storyline, choose a Marvel film..

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[Audio] At the end of the day, it's all personal preference and no matter what I believe, people will have their own opinion. I do respect people who stand their ground and stick to their own beliefs, rather than bandwagon because of statistics on a film or show..

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[Audio] I mean Marvel has their moments too, just look at Morbius… yikes. I do, however love the direction Marvel has taken their production of comics, shows, and films and will continue to enjoy it until they stop producing content. Therefore, This is why Marvel has a continuously growing fanbase and will always top DC..

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[Audio] I believe that with great power, comes great responsibility. Ah, you got that reference, huh? Case in point!.