HYDRAULICS 1:completion exam

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Scene 1 (0s)

HYDRAULICS 1: completion exam. By: Comafay, julix b ..

Scene 2 (5m 0s)

situation. You are employed as a municipal engineer in your hometown. Your supervisor gave you two task wherein you will submit a comprehensive report by next week. Solve the following problems and create a video explaining your solutions. The video must not exceed 15 minutes each problem..

Scene 3 (5m 12s)

PROBLEM 1. Redesign an existing rectangular storm sewer, 1.00m wide and 1.50m deep, into a circular section that will flow at maximum discharge. Use Manning’s Equation considering S=0.005 and n=0.025..

Scene 4 (5m 18s)

solution. 1.5 0 w, CD E T-H-A¯T DISCHA . ! LICI 3 IMP(s S. C).ObR EQ0ÄTtDrO ASSVMC A ve SAME.

Scene 5 (5m 20s)

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Scene 6 (5m 22s)

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Scene 7 (5m 23s)

Problem 2. Design the pipe that will connect two reservoirs for a water distribution system of a certain sitio. It was found out that the water source can sustain the water demand of the place for the next 25 years. Data: elev. Of reservoir A=1050m elev. Of reservoir B=1000m total length of pipe = 2.5km (corrugated G.I.) current population = 150 design period = 25 years annual population growth rate = 2.5% per capita water consumption (PCWC) = 100liters/person-day.

Scene 8 (5m 25s)

ELO. A : cev. h CDC CDC P V51 LMt.Tg-\C. SOLUTION.

Scene 9 (5m 26s)


Scene 10 (5m 27s)

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Scene 11 (5m 28s)