Social Media Post Instructional Strategy

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Social Media Post Instructional Strategy. By: Muazzam Salimova and Haidyn Wersten.

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Instructional Strategy Overview. We chose social media post as an effective instructional strategy Include detailed instructional notes within the slide presentation.

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Demonstration of Instructional Strategy. STI FACT SHEET Reversing the Rise in STIs: Integrating Services to Address the Syndemic of STIs, HIV, Substance Use, and Viral Hepatitis Reported Cases Of transmitted infections (STIS) have increased dramatically in recent HIV. substance use, and viral hepatitis affect similar populations as STIs and each of these health concems directly affects the Others. A holistic, approach. including social and bamerS. is to improve this syndemic and America's health. STI Overview Chlamydia. gonorrhea. and syphilis cases have been increasing for years. 2.4 million new cases in 2020* syphilis 324* Chlamydia 123% Gonorrhea g 2020 People most affected by ST's include: Adolescents 15-24 Gay. bisexual. and Other who have with men pregnant people People from some racial and ethnic minority Wichita Falls - Wichita County Public H... • Follow Jul 26 O Like Comment 45 Share.

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HIV. CHLAMYDIA. 1 in 20 sexually active young women aged 14-24 years will contract or has chlamydia..

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STUDENT ACTIVITY FOR OUR INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGY. The student activity chosen for this instructional strategy is a fact sheet The objective of a fact sheet is to clearly, concisely, and easily understand key points about a specific topic..

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Fact Sheet Instructions. Resource link: Prevention- STD information: Fact Sheet Template:

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