Human resource management

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Human resource management. Made by Suhasi Chhabra 21262285.

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Here is where your presentation begins. A film by NANCY MEYERS Robert DE NIRO Anne HATHAWAY.

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Benefits of age diversity in the workplace. 01. Age diversity means skill diversity 02. Age diversity creates mutual mentors 03. Age diversity opens the mind 04. Have an adequate onboarding process! 05. Age diversity in the workplace makes us nicer people.

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01. They aren't tech savvy! 02. They're too old to put in the long hours we keep here! 03 . Their age means they won't be with us long! 04. They'll be taking time off for all those doctor appointments! 05. They don't want to listen to a younger boss!.

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01. Wisdom is important, and listening to people who have a lot of experience 02. Taking a trip around the workplace every now and again, or holding short meetings to honor one or two employees, will and can go a long way..

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