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12:51 53%a J dhani One app for your wealth and health needs.

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About Dhani. 02. India’s favourite app for affordable digital healthcare & transactional finance 8.5 Lakh Daily Active Users 9 Mn + Monthly Active Users #3 most downloaded Business App in India 32 Mn Customers.

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Dhani Core Values. 03. Work Ethic. Innovation. Customer First.

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Journey Of Dhani. 2021 Mar. 2020 Dec. 2020 Sep. 2021 May.

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About Sameer Gehlaut. 05. Sameer founded the Indiabulls Group in 1999, which as of March 2021 has a net worth of about Rs. 30,000 cr., and is amongst the top 25 Tax Paying Groups of the country Over the years, he steadily diversified businesses in housing finance, consumer finance, broking, etc. Sameer has always been at the forefront of innovation with him starting the country’s first online trading platform, country’s first e-home loan facility, the first (10 sec) online doctor consultation facility, the first Online Demat A/C opening facility The housing finance business is the largest, across all parameters, amongst all NBFCs and HFCs which were started by first generation entrepreneurs with it also being a part of the Nifty50 group of companies Indiabulls Real Estate was recently acquired by the Embassy Group The latest chapter in Sameer’s book of entrepreneurship is Dhani; a health & wealth super app Sameer has been bestowed with the title of ‘India’s youngest self-made billionaire’ by Forbes.

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Choice Of Multiple Monthly Subscription Products.

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Product & Technology- Finance. 07. Dhani Free Cashback Card.

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Product & Technology- Healthcare. 08. Dhani Doctor.

Scene 9 (3m 27s)

Dhani Group Leadership. 09. Sameer Gehlaut (Founder & CEO).

Scene 10 (3m 42s)

Sagar Vadapurkar (Head HR). Ameer Ambre HRBP. Priya Korhale HRBP.

Scene 11 (3m 55s)

400+ Dhani Health Shops by FY22. Kolkata. Mumbai.

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HR Processes & Policies. 12.

Scene 13 (4m 32s)

Employee Life Cycle. 13. GSU_employee lifecycle.

Scene 14 (4m 39s)

Open-inet –One Stop Portal For All Purpose. E- Shiksha Online Training Policies Generate ID Card Leave Request Attendance & Correction Tax Declaration Pay Slip Confirmation Status Wallet KYC & Bank Details.

Scene 15 (4m 52s)

NomntM, 2013 sat In Raks. Attendance Portal. 15. Login via-

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Attendance Correction. 16. Login via-

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Office Timings & Attendance Rules. 17. Work hours in office Monday to Friday 9.30am to 6.30pm If any employee works on Sunday then he / she can avail weekly off the following week itself, with effect to 1 st April 2019 Working Saturday is solely depend on the business unit. The lunch break is of maximum 45 minutes In Work from Home, employee shall start working from 9:30.

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Leaves & Holiday. 18. Login via-

Scene 19 (6m 3s)

Leave Portal. 19. Login via-

Scene 20 (6m 17s)

Dress Code Policy. 20. Monday to Friday- Formals& Smart Casuals.

Scene 21 (6m 32s)

Confirmation Policy. 21. Every employee undergoes a probation period of 6 months post which she/he will be confirmed.

Scene 22 (6m 45s)

Mandatory Trainings-AML. 22. Money laundering is the process of creating the appearance that large amounts of money obtained from criminal activity, such as drug trafficking or terrorist activity, originated from a legitimate source. The money from the illicit activity is considered dirty, and the process "launders" the money to make it look clean. According to Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 and Rules framed thereunder, IVL Finance Limited has developed and implemented the Anti Money Laundering program designated to achieve and monitor such activities..

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Mandatory Trainings-POSH. 23. image003. Sexual harassment at the workplace is a form of discrimination and is prohibited by law. In order to deal with sexual harassment at workplace the Company has set out a policy for Prevention and Redressal of Sexual Harassment incidents ..

Scene 24 (7m 26s)

Training Schedule & Portal. 24. POSH COC Information Security Anti Money Laundering Schedule Schedule Mandatory Training Skill/ behavioral Training Communication Update With In 15 Days of Joining of a new Joiner Communication will be sent by training team and HRBP . Company believes in investing time to enhance skill and behavioral aspects via trainings Will be nominated by the HOD after analyzing the skill gap and other aspects Communication will be sent by HRBP.

Scene 25 (7m 47s)

Dhani Wallet. 25. 5 % of your CTC will be transferred to your Dhani Wallet and rest of the salary will be credited to your bank account Wallet Cap is INR 10000 for min KYC and INR 100000 after full KYC Full KYC should be completed within 1 week of your joining.

Scene 26 (8m 3s)

Employee Awards & Recognition. 26. Annual Awards.

Scene 27 (8m 13s)

Exit Management. 27. FnF Released. Discussion with Reporting Manger on the reason for resignation.

Scene 28 (8m 28s)

Employee Engagement. 28.

Scene 29 (8m 34s)

Life @ Dhani. 29. dhani TOGETHERNESS. ili. Life at Indiabulls Ventures | Indiabulls Group.

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Life @ Dhani. 30. Event Management Company in Gurgaon, Sports Event Management Companies, Corporate Event Management Companies Gurgaon.

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Thanks!. Any questions?. 31.