HR INDUCTION Company Policies & Practices

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HR INDUCTION Company Policies & Practices


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As a new employee you are required to complete a short Induction To Understand on How you have to operate in the company? What You expect from us? What we expect from you as a company?

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Dedication itself means a feeling of loyalty and support for someone or something. Dedication & trust of our employees towards our company has resulted in successfully running the company & achieving our goals.

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Professionalism is the conduct, behavior and attitude of an employee or employer in a work or business environment. Professionalism leads to workplace success, a strong professional reputation and a high level of work ethic and excellence. All the staff members are required to stay in office when the Director’s of the company are in office premises. In case there is an emergency to leave due to prior commitments, bring it to the notice of the HR department only.

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Teamwork is the collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way. We encourage our employees to collaborate & work as a team to take the company to great heights.


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Honesty in the workplace encourages a sense of trust among employees, the company and the community. The leadership style and environment in the workplace often affects the level of honesty employees exhibit on the job. Honesty builds trust in the company and confidence in leadership.


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It is the practice of training people to obey rules and behave well. Discipline is the must, that needs to be practiced by every single employee in the company. Employee discipline isn't a matter of dominance or punishment. It's about making the work environment safe and pleasant for both employees and management. Discipline works best when there's a foundation of trust between managers and employees. That starts with clear communication and continues through consistency.


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All employees are expected to maintain Confidentiality at work place. Hard copies like dictation, paper documents, pen drive should not be taken out of the office premises. No software, information or data may be used or distributed in a manner that infringes upon any intellectual property right or violates a license agreement or jeopardizes the Company's trade secrets. You are not allowed to share details about meeting, list, brainstorming and decisions taken etc. Taking official paper documents home are strictly prohibited. Any unauthorized recording of meeting, discussion, brainstorming etc. by any means of technology or hand is prohibited.


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You are not authorized to access office email IDs for any unofficial work. You must only use Company provided email IDs for official conversation. The same will be provided to you after your joining. Associates cannot use their personal email Id for official conversation. Official mail conversation should be BCC to the director and any other staff members as needed.



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Displaying, uploading, disseminating, participating in bulletin board or electronic forum discussions regarding subject matters containing inappropriate materials or information that may be offensive to others is prohibited. Using the Company's name or property or a Company-provided Internet access ID to conduct business on behalf of an entity other than the Company or; on behalf of any individual, including yourself; to represent you as someone else; or to solicit Company associates is prohibited.



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Company will provide you with a mobile phone & a sim card on or one day prior to your date of joining The Mobile phone is a company property which should be handled with care and utmost care must be taken to prevent damage. A Company number with sim card will be provided to you during your induction; and if it has not please tell the Human Resource Department. You should update directors or your manager effectively on a daily basis via what’s app messenger, SMS, call and email. During your exit interview the mobile phone is to be returned in pristine condition. Visiting inappropriate websites through your mobile phone is strictly prohibited. If you lose office property or damage it you will be expected to reimburse the company for the same Ensure that you take the SIM Card on your last working day in the Company.


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PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format that has captured and sending electronic documents in exactly the intended format. It is important to lock your P.D.F. as : Copyright Protection, Content Integrity, Digital Signatures, Limiting Access. P.D.F lock is a method or technique for denying access to PDF encoded information. There are various way to protect an P.D.F.: - Lock the P.D.F. doc from being accessed without a password - Lock the P.D.F. doc from being printed without a password - Lock the copy and paste function of the P.D.F. doc from being accessed without a password Confidential documents should be protected from direct access for outsiders, e.g. Profoma Invoices, Invoices and Purchase Orders etc. You should know how to convert word document in to PDF.


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Employees are entitled to avail leaves only after completion of 3 months All leaves barring Sick leave must be applied 10 days in advance. Sick leave must be intimidated verbally and approval sought post resumption of work. You shall inform your immediate supervisor in writing 10 days in advance; of your intention of taking a half day and you shall obtain his prior approval; without which you will not be applicable for said leave. leaves applied for and approved by management will be counted as “Paid Leave” or “Paid Half Day”. Such leave cannot be accumulated and will laps if not availed at the end of a calendar year Please Note all casual leaves are frozen for Head office employees, you are only entitled to take sick leave or emergency leave (which will be approved only after producing valid reason)

Casual Leave

Public Holidays

Sick Leave

Emergency Leave






Leave Type Jan - Jun Jul - Dec Casual Leave 6 6 Emergency Leave 3 3 Sick Leave 4 3

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On your day one, please download the Pocket HRMS app on your smart phone Login into the application as per the details provided by HR A Screen will appear with an option to Punch, you will have to touch the punch button, your location & time will appear on it. You need to again click on it & your attendance gets recorded on system You can also apply for leaves using the Pocket HR app, details of the same will be provided to you in a handbook. Please ensure you are marking your attendance to work everyday on Pocket HR as we are currently working from home.

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The company has a strict policy of “NO BILL = NO REFUND”. The entire expense bill should be kept safely. If bills/invoices are lost, refunds cannot be given. The expense voucher is important in order to receive a refund. Petty cash will not be authorised by accounts to anybody without the purpose of a voucher. Voucher = Petty Cash.

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Sr.No. Activities 1. Set a schedule for your weak and stick to it. 2. Schedule your breaks 3. Keep a Dedicated Office Space 4. Socialize With Colleagues 5. Take part in video conferences and conference calls 6. Don't Be Too Hard on Yourself 7. End Your Day With a Routine

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As we are working from home, you can reach out your manager’s via phone, G-meet, what’s app call. While you are working from home it is always important to keep your manager updated on the work that you do.


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You should be able to draft a letter independently in a grammatically correct manner. You should know the correct format of formal letter. Official letter represents you and your company and thus cannot be grammatically incorrect. Dictation should be taken fast with correct grammar. Taking down dictation is an important aspect. In case you forget correct letter writing format, the same can be found in “Documents” on Dawn Dashboard

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MOM’S & Data Management

Minutes of meeting is a mandate post every meeting and discussions. Hard copies of MOM’s have to be filed and updated regularly. Please mention the date on every MOM and keep the updated one ready for your next meeting. While in the meeting please use application of mind and on the job as well. While you are working from home, ensure you drafting the MOM on a word doc or excel sheet & sharing the same with the meeting participants as a record of the discussion

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Important & Urgent Done Immediately & Correctly Important but not urgent Appear Important but are not urgent Urgent but not Important Tasks that can be delegated Not Urgent but not Important Tasks that can be done later

Designate a time limit in which to complete task.

Use stationary correctly to make your work day easy and efficient e.g. make things to do list in order of priority; use post-it’s to put up reminders, set alarms in your phones etc.

Deadlines are extremely important and it is vital that you stick to them and remember them while carrying out your duties.

Multitasking – Is an important part of your job. It is important to multitask and do it efficiently.

Eliminate distractions

Under Pressure: Do not panic stay cool under pressure. If confused about your work or a task talk to your superior, please do not submit incorrect work/data.

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First impressions are everything!! There are representatives walking in and out of the office all day and you need to be presentable and well groomed. Employees are expected to dress in formal wear from Monday to Friday. Staff may dress in an informal manner on Saturday. If an employee who is given a uniform is caught not wearing the same during office hours said action will be considered as misconduct, and will go down in their record. Employee given uniforms are not permitted to wear the same after office hours, action will be considered as misconduct, and will go down in their record. This applies to all staff that is required to dawn a uniform except office assistants.

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MEN WOMEN TROUSER (clean & crisp) TROUSER (clean & crisp) FORMAL SHIRT (clean & crisp) FORMAL SHIRT (clean & crisp) SHOES (odour free & polished) Formal SHOES (Medium heel or flat) BELT (Medium Size) BELT TIE/POCKET SQUARE (if required) FORMAL SARI / SALWAR SUIT BLAZER(if required) BLAZER(if required) The above holds true unless the company has provided staff with an uniform, then staff must wear the uniform

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Hair: Always well combed, frequently shampooed and kept in place. Hair should not look oily.

Hand: Hands should be clean. No marks of nicotine stain. Nails should be trimmed short.

Accessories: Minimal accessories to be worn.




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Hair: Should be neatly tied put if long hair, should not fall on your face during duty hours. Hair colour should be natural.

Face (makeup): Face should be clean and fresh.

Nails: Hands should be clean. No marks of nicotine stain. Nail polish should not be chipped. Extreme long to be trimmed short and well-manicured .




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It is important to wear deodorant and come to work as everybody sweats, however this can cause disrepute to the company.

We work in a closed environment and body odour can become very unpleasant

Please note if this becomes a problem the H.R.D. will have to communicate this to you. Please assist them by making sure you do not suffer from body odor at anytime.

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BODY LANGUAGE Negative Body Language

Slumped posture Head tilted when listening Eyes half Close Arms crossed Pointing at person or guest being spoken to Jingling change in pocket

Keep it short

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Impatience Clues

Continual nodding communicates impatience. Leaning back or stepping away. Turning their body away from guest. Looking at the watch repeatedly.

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Make sure you stand appropriately.

Arms beside or connected in front of you, not crossed or behind you.

Never lean back while standing in front of the guest .

Avoid putting hands in your pockets





Poor Posture Forward Back Good Posture Balned upright posture Poor Posture forward Sway Shoulders abdominal

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Make sure that your voice tone is not so high, not so low, not so fast and not so slow.

Ensure eye contact while speaking to the guest and show suitable facial expressions during your conversation with the guest.

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As per our safety policy, each employee will be given a pepper spray. At the time of any inconvenience caused during travel ensure the same is immediately conveyed to the HR department via a call, message, email and What’s App. In absence of HR department please inform respective Department Head. Lastly, in case no one is reachable or accessible please inform the Directors of the company. (Implied in case of extreme emergencies).

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Please be careful while you walk around. Please check the chair before you seat to avoid any accident. Please be cautious while the floor is wet Do not climb the ladder or table While walking on the staircase please mind your steps

Safety At Work

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A formal resignation email has to be sent to the Director Ms. S. Chinoy with a CC to Human Resources. Serving a notice period of 2 month is important to prevent any further hurdle during exit. Exit interviews are mandatory. Make sure at the day of leaving the company you are submitting all the company belongings with the HR Department. If there is damage caused to the company asset the same will be reimbursed from your full & final settlement.

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Please feel free to get in touch with the HR team should you need anything or have any queries.