PowerPoint Presentation by: AISHWARYA SWAMINATHAN HC17007 5TH YEAR BBA LL.B (HONS) 'A' SECTION TOPIC: The Role Of Media In Elections.

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PowerPoint Presentation by: AISHWARYA SWAMINATHAN HC17007 5 TH YEAR BBA LL.B (HONS) ‘A’ SECTION TOPIC: The Role Of Media In Elections ..

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Opening Discussion. Where do you get your news from: newspapers, TV, radio, internet, social media? Where do your family get their news from? What about your grandparents or other older relatives? Do you have the same habits as your parents? Do you think it is important to follow the news?.

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What are the different types of media?. Media refers to the communication of information and messages to the masses. Media can be divided into three main types: Paid Media: Publicity gained through paid advertising. Earned Media: Publicity gained through efforts other than advertising, such as news coverage. Owned Media: Internally managed promotional platforms, such as a website, blog, Twitter feed, YouTube channel and Facebook page. Media can also be classified as Old media or New media ..

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Old Media. Old media (or traditional media) i ncludes broadcast and print sources such as TV , newspaper , radio , magazines and flyers . Typically one-way communication Delivered at a specific time Limited jurisdictional reach Strives to maintain journalistic integrity and standards.

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New Media. New media is easily accessible, such as online sources and social media platforms. Interactive User-driven Functions in real-time Borderless.

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Facts vs. Opinions. In most cases, the news media provides factual and informational coverage to inform the public without letting opinions (biases) interfere. The news media also produces opinion pieces or editorials , where news organizations and their editorial team, columnists or pundits will openly share their opinions and analysis..

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The Importance of News Media. The news media play an essential role in contributing to a well-functioning democracy. It is their job to inform citizens and ensure accountability and transparency from our elected officials and governments..

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The Roles of News Media in an Election. Report on the developments of an election Provide a platform for parties/candidates to get their message out Provide a platform for citizens to communicate their concerns and opinions Promote debate between parties and candidates Advertise the election process to voters Report on the election results.

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National Newspapers. The Globe and Mail — www.theglobeandmail.com CBC News — www.cbc.ca/news CTV News — www.ctvnews.ca Global News — www.globalnews.ca The National Post — www.nationalpost.com.

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Final Thoughts. Why is it important to read multiple sources of news? Why is it important to detect opinion from fact? How do the media influence the health and strength of our democracy?.