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Scene 3 (23s)

INSTRUCTIONS o Be ready with your text book, note book and pen. oWafch and listen to video carefully o Jot down all the important points.

Scene 4 (33s)

Question 1 A man got a 10% increase in his salary. If his new salary is 1 find his original salary..

Scene 5 (42s)

ANSWER 1 Percentage increased in his salary= Let the original salary be < 100 Hence new salary is Z 1 10 when Original salary=Zl 00.

Scene 6 (51s)

Hence new salary is l, when original salary = 100/1 10 New salary is 154000 when original salary= 154000/1 =140000 Hence original salary is r 1.

Scene 7 (1m 1s)

QUESTION 2 On Sunday 845 people went to the zoo. On Monday 169 people went what is the percent decrease in the people visiting the zoo on Monday..

Scene 8 (1m 12s)

Answer 2 On Sunday number of people went to the zoo=845 On Monday number of people went to the zoo=169 Number of people decreased=845-169 =676.

Scene 9 (1m 21s)

Decreased Percent =676/845x 100 80 Hence decreased in the people visiting the zoo=80%.

Scene 10 (1m 29s)

QUESTION 3 A shopkeeper buys 80 articles for Q,400 and sells them for a profit of 16%. Find the selling price of one article..

Scene 11 (1m 39s)

ANSWER 3 Number of articles 80 Cost price of And profit =16% Hence cost price of articles is 100%.

Scene 12 (1m 47s)

Then selling price= 100+1 6=æl 16 Hence cost Price of article is l, then selling price = 1 1 6/100 Hence cost Price of article is <2400.

Scene 13 (1m 58s)

Then selling price 1 6/100x2400 *2784 Hence selling price of article =2784.

Scene 15 (2m 11s)

SUMMARY 100 Selling price = cost profite.

Scene 17 (2m 24s)

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