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VINCIT SMA<T Connecting World

i n association with


Magnetic Water D escaling Device


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Magnetic Water D escaling D evice

No Salt I No Chemicals I No Electricity I No Maintenance

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Water descalers are the ecological solution for overcoming the lifecycle cost associated with the build up of hard lime scale in water systems. A magnetic water descaler reduces the energy consumption and extends the life of equipment by eliminating the build-up of hard calcareous timescale without introducing harmful chemicals or additives.

Provides soft water characteristics without the addition of salt or chemicals Increases the life span of all appliances significantly Provides Health benefits to humans and livestock Removes scaling and

Key Features

100% environment friendly No chemicals No adverse effects Permanent Magnets

Easy installations No maintenance Fully customizable


Scene 4 (51s)

Working Process


Scene 5 (1m 6s)

Hard water problems

Home/ Apartments/ Hospitals / Industries / Swimming pools

Scaling on Bathroom taps and faucets

Hair fall

Pipe clogging

Scaling at Home/ Apartments

Scene 6 (1m 31s)

Dry and Itchy skin

Fading of clothes


Scene 7 (1m 50s)


Hard water damage in Industries


Damage at Swimming pool

Scene 8 (2m 7s)

Appliances life span

Appliances Expected Using Hard water Washing Machine 11 years 7.7 years Dish water 10 years 7 years Toilet 6.5 years 2 years Faucet 9 years 5.4 years

*Source 2009 WQA Research

Scene 9 (2m 22s)

Home & Apartments; Swimming pools; Hospitals; Golf courses; Parks; Industries

H2O Mag Device - Benefits

Reduces Hard water deposits – prevents Scaling of all Appliances Dissolves Calcium & Iron deposits in the plumbing lines Corrosion of plumbing lines minimised Good lathering of soaps/ detergents and prevents cloth fading Minimizes blockages in filter & shower beds


Increases hydration and energy levels in the body Boosts Immune system Increases oxygen content in the blood Softens hair and skin Stops hair fall


Scene 10 (2m 50s)

H2O Mag benefits in Agriculture

Key Features Increases Oxygen concentration Promotes soil desalination Allows to use salt water for irrigation Significant increase in crop yield Reduces vegetative period Improves shelf life of produce

100 % Chemical free Technology with no side effects Produce Pure Organic Nutritious , Tasty produce

How treated water helps growth Dissolves the existing salts in soil + Improves absorption of water and nutrients by plant roots + Increase Bio- availability of water & nutrients to plants

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Scene 12 (3m 36s)

Other Benefits Improve soil pH and remove/dissolve impurities from soils year after year Soil desalinization takes effect in the first year 1/1.5 meters Increases level of CO2 and H + in soil Increase seed germination percentage and speed of seedling emergence Increase fine root growth Increase water flow Prevent and remove scaling from irrigation pipes Makes traditionally unusable saline water usable and increases water productivity Hastens ripening process Increase nutrient content in produce Saving energy and resource Drastically reduce heat stress

Scene 13 (4m 1s)

H2O Mag benefits in Livestock

100 % Chemical free Technology with no side effects Produce Pure Nutritious , Tasty Milk, Egg & Meat

Key Features Effective way to reduce methane production which contributes to mitigate environmental impact on livestock, positive animal health and improves antioxidant status in blood Improves nutrient digestibility Lessens the  Feed Conversion Ratio Helps in accumulation of proteins instead of fat in animals Optimizes rumen fermentation parameters Saves water consumption



Scene 14 (4m 28s)

Milk Significant Increase in milk production Increase fat content, viscosity and density of milk Decreases the acidity in milk Reduces firmness of udder and makes milking process easier Decreases the amount of bacteria in milk Increases shelf life of milk

Meat Improves taste of meat Increase average weight gain in chicks & calves Increase average weight gain in lamb Increase in quantity of meat Improve quality of meat



Scene 15 (4m 53s)

Resistance against diseases Animals that drink treated water show signs of significant Disease resistance Gives protection against skin diseases Skin glow and shines Decrease in mortality

Fodder production Increases productivity Improves quality of fodder Maintains balance & availability of nutrients in the plants


Scene 16 (5m 11s)

Fish farming Increase oxygen level in water Evenly distributes oxygen, breaking molecule clusters Suspended pollution drops providing better visibility Natural beneficial ecology improves for feeding fish Resilience to disease improves Reduces pathogenic bacteria Promotes fish growth Reduces fish mortality


Scene 17 (5m 28s)

Manufactured by Aqua Puraa Hosur , Tamilnadu state, INDIA

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