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Scene 1 (0s)

Ecopads Reusable Feminine Hygiene Product. Collaboration between Lilypads UK and Botle Sanitary Towels SA.

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The story of Botle. A picture containing tree, outdoor, person, posing Description automatically generated.

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Ecopads. For teenage girls who are not able to engage in daily social and school activities when menstruating , due to the lack of affordable sanitary products. Ecopads is a reusable sanitary pad which is 90% cheaper than disposable pads over its two year lifespan. Unlike disposable pads Ecopads lasts all day , enabling girls to go through a full day of school without the need to change, and unlike cups Ecopads is easier to use and culturally acceptable..

Scene 4 (58s)

Product Benefits. 90% cheaper per year vs. disposables Up to 12 hours absorbency allowing single usage throughout the day More breathable material providing protection from itches and rashes It allows girls to use just 2 pads over the course of their period Only 5 hours of drying time at room temp. Reduces waste saving 500kg of CO2 Equivalent, by one woman over her lifetime.

Scene 5 (1m 20s)

Traction. Lilypads UK has designed the product and has registered design rights in the UK Lilypads UK has a manufacturing partner in China and is able to scale production easily.

Scene 6 (1m 44s)

Healthcare: blesser and blesse Young women (aged 15–24) are four times more likely to contract HIV, than their male counterparts, due to the prevalence of transactional sex.

Scene 7 (2m 19s)

Target market. TAM: African Sanitary product market by 2022: £560m. CAGR by 6.7% (2017 – 2022) SAM: £126m/ yr South African sanitary product market SOM: £12m – 10% of South African market – our target age range.

Scene 8 (2m 36s)

Competition. Competitors Features Deficiencies Price (200 units/ year) Disposable pads (Always) Easy to use Need to dispose 10 pads = 25 rand 500 rand / yr Cups Insertable Lasts up to 12 hours Need for insertion £ ?? Nappies Easy to use Last 12 hours Bulky 1 nappy = 3 rand 600 rand/yr Handmade alternatives (cloth, leaves) Easy to access Unhygienic, not absorbent Free Ecopads Very absorbent, Easy to use Need to be washed 1 pad = 8 rand.

Scene 9 (3m 1s)

Individuals. Route to market. Botle purchases pads from Lilypads Rebrands pads to Ecopads Sells pads to a number of different channels for accessibility Sells pads in bulk to partners to reduce costs of those sold individually.

Scene 10 (3m 24s)

Financial Projections. Projections Year 1 (Dec 2021) Year 2 (Dec 2022) Year 3 (Dec 2023) # pads sold 50 000 100 000 200 000 Revenue £30 005.79 £60 015.13 £120 030.2 Profit £9 954.41 £19 955.86 £39 911.72.

Scene 11 (3m 39s)

Our team. Alison Wood, Lilypads London College of Fashion course in manufacturing Owns a trading business in the UK which designs and sells reusable period pads Experience distributing products in Kenya, Uganda and Cambodia MA in Economics, research into sexual health.

Scene 12 (4m 3s)

Project Goals and Outcomes. Project Goals: Develop local branding Develop distribution networks Develop partnerships (cost share – bring down price) Develop collaborations with school (period education) Project Outcomes: Suitable branding developed Three community partners tested selling reusable pad 10% increase in attendance of girls in schools Reduction in single use pads.

Scene 13 (4m 19s)

Use of Funds. Activity Deliverable Outcome Timeline Cost Responsibility WP 1: Market research on needs and pricing Validation of desirability of product and determination of pricing (report) Ensure product fits customer needs, improves competitiveness 1 month (April) £1500 Bankies (Alison Support) WP 2: Development of local branding Packaging design Packaging production Influencers identified and engaged Promotion videos + posters for tuck shops Educational material Increase awareness of product 2 months (May, June) £3000 Bankies WP 3: Development of partner and distribution network Govt. contracts + partnership agreements with NGOs to purchase and distribute the product Collaboration agreements with schools for period education Agreements with tuck shops for distribution Increase sales channels 2 months (July, Aug) £2000 Bankies WP 4: Product development & Manufacture Product developed from desirability report, 1000 units for distribution in the SA market as a pilot Viability of expanding sales 4 months (July to Oct) £3500 Alison.

Scene 14 (4m 55s)

End exploitation, period.