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Scene 1 (0s)

Hello!. Friends. Let see….

Scene 2 (4s)

Hello! How are you doing these days parami ?. Hi Sewmini ! These days I’m too tired with my quizzes , assignments and exams..

Scene 3 (15s)

Guys, what are you talking about?. She is saying agriculture is too easy..

Scene 4 (21s)

Do you know there are different kinds of highest paying jobs in the agriculture field? Some are environmental engineers, agriculture engineers, agronomy sales managers, quality assurance managers, and produce inspectors. From these jobs, we can earn about LKR.1 or 2 lakh per month..

Scene 5 (32s)

But to get these kinds of jobs, academic qualifications, skills are needed. We have to follow Bachelor's degree programs related to agriculture, animal science, food science for around four years..

Scene 6 (40s)

In addition, it is good to know about new technology, the ability to talk with different languages, have good interpersonal relationships and management knowledge..

Scene 7 (46s)

Due to innovations such as robotics technology, this field will be more improved by vision robotics, nanotechnology, fruit picking system. So it will be good for the future agriculture industry..

Scene 8 (54s)

OH, I'm so excited to know such kinds of things..

Scene 9 (1m 1s)

THANK YOU!. GROUP H 21UG0001 A.L .Parami Bhagya 21UG0689 W.M Pramodya Diwangi 21UG0648 S.P.G.J.Upeksha Premarathna. 21UG0066 H.M.Sewmini Damsara Herath 21UG0630 W.G.Yuwani Sawanika Sirisinghe 21UG0657 R.R.D.H.Erandika.