Group Project Data Collection and Analysis

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[Audio] Hello guys, in this presentation Me-Michal, Merita and Klaudia are going to show you our group project about data collection and anylisys.

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[Audio] Firstly let's start with some numbers. How many people are actually listening to podcasts in UK? As we can see on the diagram here, amount of podcasts listeners is growing fast every yearThe reason behind it is that it's much easier to listen to a podcast rather than read a book or a newspaper. Almost everyone right now have phone with access to the internet and it is very easy to download a podcast to have it available offline too. This is making it so flexible so we could listen to it on our way to work, school, grocery store, at the gym or even on a flight. In 2017 number of listeners was just under 9 million people. While in 2022 that number rised to 19.1 million listeners. The forecast for future years shows an increase in those numbers..

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[Audio] Right in here we can see what people are doing when they want to find and start listening to a new podcasts. According to the chart 40% of audienced people are searching directly into the same listening app they are using already. Next 18.3% of them are keen on asking people that share passion for the same things. Another 15.2% of asked public decides on checking social media or other online community 13.6% voted to search new podcasts on google And 13% of them rather browse "featured" sections of the app they are using at the time.

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[Audio] According to 38.4% of podcasters decided to start recording podcasts and going on air as a hobby 21% wanted to build their personal brand. 19.7% were determined to grow their business 13.8% did it for a cause or activism purpose And 7.1% decided on recording for the employer.

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[Audio] Here we have a breakdown of a process when starting your podcast This is according to

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[Audio] Here are some things indicating how successful your podcasts are: 1) Is the number of your listeners increasing with each episode? Those numbers certainly show how popular your podcasts become from episode to episode. You'd obviously expect significant increase in those numbers especially if there is an advertising put in place, It also gives you a clearer picture on what kind of content your listeners want to listen to. 2) Are your podcast's episodes being downloaded more often? This tells you how does your audience want to listen to your podcasts, more downloads could tell you that they are planning to listen to it later or for the second time. 3)The more popular your podcasts become the higher are the chances that other companies or sponsors will get in touch with you regarding promoting some of their product while you're on air. This is a good thing, revenue from ads and your sponsors brings you much closer to have a return of your investments that you put in your podcasts in the first place. 4) As the author you should stay open minded, give your audience a chance to give their feedback, understanding reviews from your listeners or critics is important, there might be some crucial tips for you on how to improve your episodes and positive feedback can be easily used to promote your podcast! 5) By recording and comparing your website and social media traffic you'll be able to track and analyze how many people are visiting and engaging there. This will show you how the numbers of your podcasts have changed over the time. 6) Using social media or different email campaigns is an easy way to spread awareness of your podcast, by assessing the reach on social media or interaction through the email you'll be able to determine how successful was your promotional campaign, it can become such a useful tool to help you planning your next one. You will be able to tell what your audience values the most about your podcasts. 7) By involving others in your podcasts as well as being involved in others, you might create such a good opportunity to advertise your podcast, by including podcast's subject specialist as your guest the credibility of your episode strikes up too, keeping long-lasting relationships with guests gives you better opportunities for the future content and recommendations. Refer and be referred. 8) There are over 2 million podcasts worldwide, so it does seem like there is a podcast literally about everything. No wonder that you may find a podcast on very similar content, that is alright, if you are recycling the content of your podcast you surely want to find something unique that will drive your audience and make them want to stay with you. Trying new ways of displaying the podcasts and measuring each of the methods will give you a clearer picture of the response in between your listeners. This will also reveal what kind of promotional strategy you should develop, what will be working for you best?.

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[Audio] The groupage that podcasts are the most popular are people between 26 and 35 years old( 38% of the listeners) which is understandable as this groupage is considered as the most productive one, right after with 31% are 15- 25 year olds. There is a tendency showing us that older groupages people are less interested in podcasts, there might be a lot of different reasons to that and fast paced improvements and changes to technological environment are certainly one of those reasons..

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[Audio] According to the buzzsprout's statistics from April 2022 (via. Percentage of listener share for each of the top Apple podcasts 37.4% of total podcasts' listeners, that makes it the app with the biggest audience. Spotify holds second place with 32.8% of total podcasts' audience. Google podcasts with just 2.4% of total podcasts' audience. It is still a lot, but compared to giants like spotify and apple podcasts it creates a huge gap between them..

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Top 3 podcasts in the Uk according by Apple Podcasts.

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Top 3 Business podcast in Uk according to Apple Podcast.

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The highest earning podcasts according to