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Scene 2 (9s)

Desencuentro. Un lamento. Temo perder éste, mi AIRE. Ando esperando el balance. No encontrar una forma de ver la distancia no es otra forma mortal de no ser. Lívidos, veremos nuestro eje torcerse hasta el día en que no busquemos más allá. Transformar esta desidia (desgano devorador) en incentivos sensoriales que me invaden y me atrapan, y me gritan… y me AGITAN. Sigo aquí esperando algún balance. No encontrar esa forma de transparentar la distancia es solo otra forma de azar. LAMENTO

Scene 3 (30s)

The sky explodes in clouds. This orange world reflects the sun. The speed of light, and the lights to see who we are and how we love. HOW MUCH can I resist? Day after day, night after night, I fill this emptiness that grows into our minds. We are perfection together; we are perfection forever. Please don’t let me down, it’s to late tonight. It’s your body who keeps me WARM. The break of dawn, the unknown. That Silverlight that gives the night. The speed of dark, the lack of doubt, on who we are and what we love. That much we can resist. Beat after beat, night after night, to fill this emptiness that grows into OUR MINDS. PERFECTION

Scene 4 (1m 2s)

Those shy emotions show no devotion. I thought that was it. Can you believe this? ON THE EDGE of my self-consciousness there’s no escape, I’m my own maker. It’s all so generic It’s all a distraction, there goes compassion. I told you be aware: ‘the signs of this age’ I’m still trying to grasp some understanding. The degradation of the connection gives me affliction, don’t lose CONVICTION, would you, please? GENERIC

Scene 5 (1m 19s)

HERE Baby I can FEEL YOU by my side, But you’re not here anymore. Baby I can feel you all the time, but you passed a long time ago I don’t know how to let you go, how to erase my mind and let you go But if I look at the mirror, I don’t see that kid, I see an old rotten man. And I’m here, keeping BREATHE, sober and free. But you can’t see I have changed and made other plans, but the days are turned into YEARS.

Scene 6 (1m 40s)

CALM A M votes Me das tu paz Te doy mi paz

CALM A M votes Me das tu paz Te doy mi paz


Magia, carne VOCES


Me das tu paz

Te doy mi paz

Scene 7 (1m 46s)


JOTA 1988

9961 V LOI 8VZV7YS anos

JOTA 1988


Scene 8 (1m 52s)

JUST I just talk to myself every day, just to understand what is inside my HEAD. I just talk to myself every day, not by ego, just to set me free and fly away. I just want to disappear a few days at the milky way, I just want to take you away, to tell you what it means to care. There are not ANGELS, just you. I just want to take my time, to speak ok and feel you right. There are so many reasons to not look back. So please, do not give up. That is why I repeat you, the same and again and again and again. There are not angels, just you.

Scene 9 (2m 22s)

IMPALA I don’t know if you notice, but I’m a little bit neurotic… well, fine. I’m a little bit childish as well, and I know I can live in my head sometimes. And I am well aware of my not so charming moods in the mornings. Or late in the night my aching necessity of being lonely. But HONEY can’t you see, this might be what we need. I’m not a fan of the way you sometimes make everything about you… you know. But I’m obsessed with your voice when you passionately talk about the things that you love. So honey can’t you see: we are SO MUCH MORE than just our flaws. IMPALA

Scene 10 (2m 49s)

NOSTALGIA Tan preocupado estabas en el futuro, te olvidaste de mi PRESENTE. El cobijo de las miles de estrellas en la noche, me regalan la caricia que no viste venir. Me aseguro de que aquello no es mas que un miedo absurdo. Y que tu voz oyó la mía cuando susurré tus días. Nostalgia Acaecida por la muerte del poder ser, revelando un pequeño duelo, LLOVER y renacer. Hoy me divierte tu sonrisa. ¿Qué es un impulso? ¿Acaso es el tiempo de esta sequía y no es verdad? ¿Qué es la VERDAD? ¿qué es el deseo? ¿qué es la palabra? ¿qué es la mentira? ¿qué es mi canción?

Scene 11 (3m 15s)

She is ALONE in their home waiting for someone to come, someone to smile, someone to love tonight. And I’m here, a new animal that cannot run like she wanted to run. And the time is blurring my mind, but my eyes are lost into your warm hands. Take me to the outer space and let me float FOREVER. Then I went, with a bitter taste in my heart. It was my fault not to start. And thought… What If I was someone else? To take you high without regrets. But now its late, I’m here. A new animal that cannot run like she wanted TO RUN. Take me to the outer space and let me float for ever OUTER

Scene 12 (3m 45s)

Queremos agradecer a todos aquellos que con un granito de arena ayudaron a que este disco sea posible. En especial a Tomás Muir, bandoneón en Nostalgia y Mariano Frumento, piano en Just.