PowerPoint Presentation

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Scene 1 (0s)

Good Afternoon Everyone!.

Scene 3 (17s)

Pretty is to beautiful as thin is to ________.. Chubby.

Scene 4 (39s)

Awake is to asleep as difficult is to ___________..

Scene 5 (1m 1s)

Love: Hate :: Simple: __________.. Complicated. Easy.

Scene 6 (1m 23s)

Two : Twin :: Four: __________.. Doublet. Platelets.

Scene 7 (1m 45s)

Architect: Designs :: Engineer: _________.. Computes.

Scene 8 (2m 7s)

Program that is informative and can be accessed through the website..

Scene 9 (2m 29s)

A short clip from the film “Hello, Love, Goodbye” was advertised on television for promotion purposes..

Scene 10 (2m 51s)

Important news that is broadcast separately and often interrupts other program..

Scene 11 (3m 13s)

It is a report that contains information about precipitation, wind speed and direction, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure..

Scene 12 (3m 35s)

It is a non-fictional, motion picture intended to document reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction, education, or maintaining a historical record..

Scene 13 (3m 57s)

The COVID-19 patient is brought by the medical workers to the hospital..

Scene 14 (4m 19s)

The Municipal Mayor ordered people to stay at home..

Scene 15 (4m 41s)

The relief goods were given to each household by the LGU..

Scene 16 (5m 3s)

She is wearing face mask.. Active Voice. Passive Voice.

Scene 17 (5m 25s)

An Executive Order was issued by the governor.. Active Voice.

Scene 18 (5m 47s)

When the subject does or “acts upon” the verb.. Active Voice.

Scene 19 (6m 9s)

The ride was enjoyed by many.. Active Voice. Passive Voice.

Scene 20 (6m 29s)

This is use when the doer is more important than the action..

Scene 21 (6m 49s)

When the subject receives the action of the verb..

Scene 22 (7m 11s)

It is an action verb indicates whether the subject performs or receives the action..

Scene 23 (7m 33s)

After they had eaten the shell, they began to feel sick..

Scene 24 (7m 53s)

He met his wife somewhere in Plaridel .. Simple Past Tense.

Scene 25 (8m 13s)

My mother forgot to buy some milk.. Simple Past Tense.

Scene 26 (8m 33s)

After they had eaten the shell, they began to feel sick..

Scene 27 (8m 53s)

John told me he bought a new car.. Simple Past Tense.

Scene 28 (9m 13s)

“I will defeat you!” yelled the man.. Direct Speech.

Scene 29 (9m 33s)

Peter explained to Paul how to defuse the bomb.. Direct Speech.

Scene 30 (9m 53s)

He shouted, “Help!”. Direct Speech. Reported Speech.

Scene 31 (10m 13s)

Chris mumbled that he felt sick.. Direct Speech. Reported Speech.

Scene 32 (10m 33s)

“Excuse me. Are your waiting in the queue?” Barry Inquired.

Scene 33 (10m 53s)

The teacher said, “Stay silent.”. The teacher ordered the class to stay silent..

Scene 34 (11m 17s)

Dian said to her friend, “Please lend me the book.”.

Scene 35 (11m 41s)

“Avoid softdrinks ”, the doctor told Joan.. The doctor pleased Joan to avoid softdrinks ..

Scene 36 (12m 5s)

My mom said to me, “What are you doing?”. My mom asked me if I was doing..

Scene 37 (12m 29s)

She asked me, “Do you still love me?”. She asked me if I still loved her..

Scene 38 (12m 52s)

He said, “What I can do for you?”. He asked me what he could do for me..

Scene 39 (13m 15s)

My brother asked, “Who is that girl?”. My brother asked who that girl was?.

Scene 40 (13m 38s)

My father said to me, “Bravo! You have got very good marks.”.

Scene 41 (14m 1s)

The teacher said, “What a lazy boy are!”. The teacher exclaimed that the boy was very lazy..

Scene 42 (14m 24s)

“Congratulations! You have been selected for the final match,” said my Game teacher to me..