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GitHub users’ Location Team: Priceless Brains

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What is a GPS sensor

Track location, time and velocity; It gets information from satellites around the earth; It is divided into 3 segments: Space; Ground Control; User equipment;

Scene 3 (6m 28s)

Project idea and scope

The idea of this project is to build an app that would be able to track someone positions. The project was divided into 5 phases; All ideas were discussed during weekly team meetings; The deadline of the project was 01/05/2021;

Phases Meetings and due dates Delivered Due date 5/1/2021 on time Team Priceless Brains Due date phase 1 4/6/2021 on time Due date phase 2 4/13/2021 4/20/2021 Due date phase 3 4/20/2021 4/28/2021 Due date phase 4 4/27/2021 4/28/2021 Due date phase 5 4/30/2021 4/29/2021 Meetings once a week

Scene 4 (7m 55s)

Project idea and scope

Scope Team: Priceless Brains Dates 26/04 - 01/05/2021 Project goals and objectives Build an app where the user can track the location of a GitHub user Resource required People, computers, internet access, Visual Studio Code, React Native and JavaScript Knowledge. Decision making The whole team is responsible for any decision, everything was discussed through weekly meetings.

Phases Deliverables Constraint Detail Phase 1 Make the plan of the project, decide how the project will be divided, who is going to do what, search for documentation, create an agenda for meetings. Do a scratch of the project. Time The time cannot be enough to build and debug; we can have unexpected problems; the team cannot meet all together. Phase 2 Deliver the first part of the project, documentation, research on the subject, the report 1/3 done. Resources The equipment used can be not enough, like not enough memory, not a compatible hardware Phase 3 Finishing the code, debug, see possible errors. Quality The app might not work, some functionalities might not work Phase 4 Finishes the report. Bugged Necessity of buying any software or plugin. Phase 5 Do the presentation.

Scene 5 (9m 21s)

Resource requirements




Internet Access

Visual Studio Code

Programing Knowledge

Scene 6 (10m 48s)


React react-native React-native-maps expo/vector-icons react native gesture handler expo-location

Scene 7 (12m 15s)


Working as a team in a pandemic; GPS sensor not working; Could not be compatible with any smartphone; could be a heavy app; the use of to much mobile data; Might not have updates;

Scene 8 (13m 42s)


You can search any GitHub users name and the the app will show his exactly location.

Scene 9 (15m 9s)

Advantages and Disadvantages

Simple development using React native. Good usage of the GPS sensor; Provides a useful information; Easy to use; Not to much functionalities;

Scene 10 (16m 36s)


Our effort was rewarded by creating this app where the main task was reached. Training our programing knowledge; Building an app and provide all the documentation in a report; Learning how to use the API to get geolocation; Learning how react native works.