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GEORGE FRIDERIC HANDEL. 3D arrows forming a globe.

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Born February 23, 1685. A picture containing person Description automatically generated.

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At a young age he was very talented at playing the key bored he became a pupil in Halle his father died when he was 11 in 1702, he enrolled in law school at the university of Halle, but he only served for one year to go north to Hamburg Handel joined the violin section of the opera in early 1705 he presided over the premier in Hamburg of hi first opera..

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Period/time. Sculpture of a head. He was apart of the baroque period.

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Famous pieces of his music. Some of his most famous work is Acie's and galatea messiah.

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Thank you goodbye. Source: Cudworth, Charles. "George Frideric Handel". Encyclopedia Britannica, 8 Jun. 2021, Accessed 11 January 2022..