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Harward University Came up with MSME’s 100 Problems. Dan Sullivan World Number 1 Enterpreuner Solution Provider Came up with Practical Solution of all Those Problems Management Movie Consist of All These Problems and Solutions To Reprogramme Enterpreuner Mindset For Growth and Sustain The Growth

Scene 2 (15s)

Reprogramme Your Subconscious Mind For Success

Scene 3 (22s)

How Important Subconsious Mind for Success?

Scene 4 (29s)

Yellow Car

How many Yellow car you see outside if you focus whole day. Did you observe before like this?

Scene 6 (45s)

Memory to Remember

Last book you read Last Audio You Listened. Last Seminar You Atteneded Last youtube video you watched Which Movie You watched in your ChildHood

Scene 7 (57s)

Movies And Imagination

Scene 8 (1m 4s)

Why Managament Movie=》

Scene 9 (1m 10s)

To Indepth Think Like a Large Enterpreuner Make Plan, Strategy, Capability A Growth Mindset Coming out of Survival, Excusitis Mindset Daily Reprogramming Subconscious Mind Tools To Battle Daily Negativity in Business Remember for longer period of Time

Scene 10 (1m 25s)

As a Man Thinketh In His HEART So is He.- Bible Verse

Heart is all About Your Imagination. Movies are Rich Source To make You Imagine in Your Heart which direct resembles to your Subconscious mind

Scene 11 (1m 39s)

Long Term Sustainable Wealth How to Set Vision? Transform Person D' i W n to If-d Company Ethics En repreneur 10 7 Functions of Organizational & Managerial Success 1) Thinking Coach iractical EkSOCIu.' Behavioural interview Be an Ideal Leader Coach 2) Selecting a Team Legal & Ethical Interview -S) Team Selection result 22 steps_ 21 Golden Rules oru M an agement• Hmdling Employees Achieve 13 steps of delegation- 8 Functions of Management Management Manage ur-we, leaders 5 Steps a) work. Result Employee excellent result Staff Accountable Effective PROJECT MANAGEMENT to Great Manager Ethics, Values & Reliabili Conflict Resolution

Growth and Development Thinking Growth & I Development Grow Principles 2 3 Capabilit" 4 5 Strategies for Growth & Development Growth 6 7 Capabiliti%fM Growth & Development Managers 8 G rowth Business Plan Monthly Collection Strategies 27 Strategies Enquiries Value Proposition Double your Customers Salesman Willpower Customer Retention Double Collection Business Enquiries Art ot Process of Sales. Salesman Productivity How & When to close the Sales Deal Pull strategy Retain Free Salesman Prospective Customers. SALES MANAGERS Organised Disciplined Salesman Principles to a business deal Push Strategy - Salas Proaess - Sales Manager Closing - Negotiation Customer Superior Service Sales Process Body Language Improve Negotiatio Skills

7 Functions of Organizational & Managerial Success Staff Q-K-uTå. Managemen 6 Qualities Of a Successful Manager Professional cati How to g close a meeting? staff to Work for a Purpose Experience Telephonic Assertiveness Method. Retain Employees? Opeople Relation And Retentioi to retain Customer & Employee? 7) Or Demotion Happiness from Performance Appraisal Benefits of 't appropriate about if. • g the The 3Steps of Performan Appraisal Corporate Coach Training but • n attitude, skills. habits. of ihe which In to • will n our wish.

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